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ProMED翻訳情報(268回) ~ベトナムで発生した狂犬病による人の死亡事例~


Date: 19 May 2014  Source: Vietnamnet [edited]

Hanoi has recorded 2 (human) deaths from rabies this year [2014], after 2 years without any cases of the disease. Mr Hoang Duc Hanh, deputy director of the Hanoi Department of Health, says that the 2 victims were from the districts of Chuong My (on 7 May 2014) and Soc Son (10 May 2014).
ハノイでは、2年間の空白の後、今年[2014年]に狂犬病により2(人)の死亡を記録している。ハノイ保健省次長のHoang Duc Hanhは、2名の犠牲者はChuong My地区(2014年5月7日に)とSoc Son地区(2014年5月10日に)から出たと語った。

So far this year [2014], the country has recorded deaths from rabies in 10 provinces and cities, including 3 in the central province of Thanh Hoa and 2 in the northern provinces of Yen Bai and Tuyen Quang each.
今年[2014年]はこれまでのところ国内で、中部のThanh Hoa 省の省3ヵ所と北部のYen Bai省とTuyen Quang省のそれぞれ2カ所を含む、 10の省と市において狂犬病による死亡を記録している。

The Ministry of Health has warned that rabies can increase in summer, as the outbreak of rabies in dogs usually heightens during this period. Rabies is classified as a reemerging infectious disease, and ranks 2nd in the number of fatal infectious diseases in Viet Nam. The source of infection is mainly from domestic dogs (representing 96 per cent), followed by cats.

After a long period of continual decline, rabies incidents have increased in the country since 2004. There were about 30 deaths from the disease annually in 2001 to 2003. In 2007, the number of deaths rose to 131. In 2013, the country recorded 90 deaths from rabies.

[In 2013 a total of 105 canine cases of rabies were reported by Viet Nam to OIE, which is so close to the number of human deaths (102) they reported to OIE to suggest that their surveillance is reactive, not proactive. This is tragic, as urban (canine) rabies is one of the easiest diseases to control, even eradicate. – Mod.MHJ
都市型の(犬)狂犬病は制御や撲滅さえも最も容易に出来る疾患の一つであるので、これは悲劇である。- Mod.MHJ