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ProMED翻訳情報(272回) ~フィリピンで発生した狂犬病による人の死亡事例~


Date: Thu 19 Jun 2014   Source: The Visayan Daily Star [edited]

Fatalities from rabies in Negros Occidental [Province] have risen to 4 with the death of a 10-year-old boy from Brgy. Puey in Sagay City, Negros Occidental. Renante Decena, Provincial Veterinary Officer [PVO], said yesterday [18 Jun 2014] that the boy, who died on [11 Jun 2014], several weeks after a dog bit him, had failed to seek immediate medical attention.
 西ネグロス[州]の狂犬病での死亡数はSagay 市Brgy. Pueyの10歳の少年の死で4名になった。州の獣医局職員(PVO) Renante Decenaは、犬に咬まれてから数週間後の2014年6月11日に亡くなったその少年は迅速な治療を受けなかった、と昨日[2014年6月18日]話した。

Before his death, a 10-year-old girl from Brgy. Prosperidad in San Carlos City [Negros Occidental Province] also died from the disease last month [May 2014], he said. A woman from Cadiz City who died in March this year [2014] after she was bitten by the dog of their neighbor in January and a 6-year-old boy from Sagay City were the 1st 2 recorded rabies fatalities in Negros Occidental.
 少年の死亡例以前に、西ネグロス州San Carlos市Brgy Prosperidad の10歳の少女も狂犬病で先月(2014年5月)死亡したと獣医局職員は述べた。今年(2014年)1月頃に近所の犬に咬まれて3月に亡くなったCadiz市の女性およびSagay市の6歳の少年が西ネグロス州における最初の狂犬病死者2例であった。

Decena said they have already conducted dog vaccination in the areas where there are rabies fatalities. He said 10 000 doses of anti-rabies vaccines are set to arrive in Negros Occidental today [19 Jun 2014]. Rabies outbreaks have been declared in 3 cities and 2 towns in Negros Occidental after dogs from these places tested positive for the virus, Decena had said earlier. He said that even if only one dog tests positive in an area, it will already be considered an outbreak, since it is presumed that the animal had bitten other stray dogs, and can cause the spread of the virus.

Based on data gathered by the PVO, there are 219 000 dogs in Negros Occidental but only 24 000, or about 10 percent, have been vaccinated. As to human cases, there are 4000 reports of dog bites in Negros Occidental, although this is not yet considered alarming, Ernell Tumimbang, provincial health officer, said.
[Byline: Adrian Nemes III]
 PVOによって収集されたデータに基づき、Negros Occidentalには219,000頭のイヌが確認されているが、24,000頭のみ、10%程度しかワクチン接種されていない。ヒトの症例に関しては、イヌの咬傷が4,000症例あるが、Ernell Tumimbang保健局職員によると、まだ憂慮すべきほどではないとのことである。

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[To impact a rabies threat, one must vaccinate in excess of some 85 percent of the dogs in the at-risk area(s). That is more than 186 150 dogs in Negros Occidental Province.