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ProMED翻訳情報(273回) ~バリ島における狂犬病対策の現状~


Date: Mon 23 Jun 2014  Source: The Jakarta Post, Bali Daily [edited]

The Bali Husbandry and Animal Health Agency had found 7 rabid dogs in 5 regencies by mid-June [2014]. The 5 regencies are Jembrana, Bangli, Buleleng, Klungkung, and Karangasem.
Head of the agency, I Ketut Gede Nata Kusuma, said in May [2014] that 9 canines had been infected by rabies. During the January-June 2014 period, the office checked 86 samples and found 46 dogs had tested positive, with Buleleng regency topping the list with 12 cases.
 バリ畜産動物衛生局は2014年6月中旬までに5つの行政区で7頭の狂犬病のイヌを発見した。5つの行政区はジェンブラナ県、バンリ県、ブレレン県、クルンクン県、カランガスム県である。当局の局長I Ketut Gede Nata Kusumaは9頭の犬が狂犬病に感染していた、と5月(2014年)に述べた。2014年1月から6月の期間当局は86件の材料を検査し46頭の犬が狂犬病陽性だったことを見つけた。うち、ブルレン県はリストのうち12事例と抜きん出ていた。

Nata Kusuma said Bali would be struggling to end rabies on the island by 2020. Early this year [2014], the provincial administration launched the 5th phase of its mass rabies vaccination program, targeting 350 000 dogs.
 Nata Kusuma氏はバリは2020年までに島内の狂犬病を終わらせるよう奮闘している、と述べた。本年(2014年)の初頭、バリ州行政当局は35万頭を対象とした狂犬病ワクチンの集団接種計画の第5期を開始した。

Bali is confronting a skyrocketing birth rate among stray dogs, with an increase of 2.5 million per year scattered throughout the island. [This is not correct — see below. – Mod.JW]
Since a rabies outbreak hit the island in 2008, there has been greater public awareness of how to responsibly care for dogs and how to deal with dog bites. Rabies on the island has so far claimed 146 lives.

Communicated by Dr Lisa Warden   Director, DOGSTOP

Date: Tue 24 Jun 2014  From: Merritt Clifton [edited]

Dr Lisa Warden, Director, DOGSTOP, questioned: “….the dog population on Bali is growing by “2.5 million dogs per year.”
The maximum carrying capacity of Bali for dogs is about 400 000 max. At any given time it is probably about 300 000. However, there is a very high birth rate and high rate of turnover, between culling and road kills.
 DOGSTOP理事長のLisa Warden博士が疑念を唱えた:「バリのイヌが年間250万頭増加している…」について。バリにおけるイヌの最大扶養数は、最大で約40万頭である。いかなる季節にあってもおそらく30万頭程度だろう。しかし、処分や道路上の死(交通事故死)の傍らで、非常に高い出生率であり、非常に高い世代交代比である。

Back when the rabies outbreak began in 2008, I had just done some dog censusing in Bali and told everyone concerned that the dog population in need of vaccination would be in the 300 000 to 400 000 range. All the officials, though, kept insisting on implausibly high numbers, and insisting that vaccination couldn’t be done without killing huge numbers of dogs first. After that got them nowhere for 2 years, Janice Girardi of the Bali Animal Welfare Association [BAWA] vaccinated 275,000 dogs in 2010-2011 and nearly eradicated rabies. This was her report to me on 21 Aug 2011:
 狂犬病の流行が島内で始まった2008年に戻ると、私はバリの中でまさにいくつかのイヌの頭数調査を行ない、ワクチン接種が必要なイヌの頭数は30万頭から40万頭であろうと全ての関係者に話した。しかし、全ての当局者は信じがたいほど大量の頭数を主張し続け、また、先に大量のイヌを殺処分しないでワクチン接種は行なえないと主張し続けた。無駄な2年間のあと、バリ動物福祉協会(BAWA)のJanice Girardi氏が2010年から2011年の間に27万5千頭のイヌにワクチン接種を行ない、狂犬病をほぼ根絶した。このことは2011年8月11日の彼女の私への報告だった。

“As a very quick update, BAWA finished the vaccination phase one program the end of March [2011] (on budget and on time). We vaccinated 275 000 dogs total under BAWA management. This includes re vaccinating a portion of Gianyar in April and May this year [2011]. We estimate 310 000 dogs in Bali (keep in mind 150 000 were culled before our program started) which is 1 dog to 12.5 or so humans. The Government is continuing the program with some support from the FAO. They are continuing to vaccinate dogs throughout the island. They are also continuing to cull dogs, which is not good news as of course this will immediately lead to a loss of herd immunity.”

The government, however, badly botched the program, and rabies reappeared. Now we are seeing the absurdly high numbers again. This might be because using absurdly high numbers provides an excuse for failure. Whatever numbers they fling around, though, the carrying capacity for dogs on Bali is under 400 000. There are not the food resources to sustain more (or even that many — the 310 000 Janice projected is probably right on the nose.)

Merritt Clifton  Editor   POB 101, Greenbank, WA 98253 USA

[Many thanks to Merritt for this clarification, which makes a great deal of sense and matches the 350 000 target for vaccination by the provincial administration.