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ProMED翻訳情報(278回) ~バリ島における狂犬病の現状~


Date: Sun 8 Jun 2014  Source: Bali Discovery [edited]

The Bali provincial Livestock and Animal Health Service has recorded 36 confirmed cases of rabies among dogs in Bali.

Quoted by the State News Agency Antara, Dr Nata Kesumadrh Nata Kesuma said on Tuesday, 3 Jun 2014, “The data on dogs testing positive for rabies between January-May 2014 is 36 animals.” The 36 infected animals can be broken down further as to geographic location: Buleleng (11), Jembrana (10), Gianyar 5, Klungkung (4), Tabanan (3), Karangasem(2) and Bangli (1).
 2014年6月3日(火曜日)にNata Kesumadrh Nata Kesuma博士が言ったことを国営Antara通信社が” 2014年1月から5月までの間に狂犬病陽性と診断されたイヌのデータは36であった”と、引用した。36頭の感染動物は、地理的場所によってさらに分類することができる:Buleleng (11頭)、Jembrana (10頭)、 Gianyar (5頭)、 Klungkung (4頭)、 Tabanan (3頭)、 Karangasem(2頭)、Bangli (1頭)。

No confirmed cases of rabies during the same period were recorded for Denpasar and Badung in the south of the Island where most tourist resorts are located.
 同じ期間に狂犬病の確定事例は、島南部の多くの観光地が位置するDenpasar と Badung で全く記録されていない。

The greatest number of [canine] cases was reported in April [2014] with 14 cases. The month of May [2014] saw 6 new cases of rabies reported to provincial animal health authorities.

Kesuma said the symptoms to look for in dogs suspected of suffering from rabies are hypersalivation or drooling. Community members were also warned to watch for quiet dogs that suddenly become aggressive or frightened of water or light.

Bali recorded its 1st case of rabies in November 2008 in the village of Pecatu, Badung, South Bali.

communicated by: Lisa Warden

[Bali is crying out for an organised island rabies eradication programme; it is long overdue. Thanks to Lisa for forwarding this report.