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ProMED翻訳情報(280回) ~インドで発生した猫からの狂犬病感染による人の死亡事例~


Date: 10 Jul 2014   Source: The Times of India [edited]

A 50-year-old woman from Beed district succumbed to rabies infection at Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)-run Naidu Infectious Diseases Hospital here, taking the toll to 18 in Pune city this year [2014], so

The victim, a resident of Chincholi village in Ashti taluka, was bitten by a cat 5 months ago. As per the World Health Organization,the incubation period for the infection is typically 1-3 months but may vary from one week to a year. Civic officials said she didn’t take the anti-rabies vaccines and rabies immmunoglobulins on the scheduled
days. Rabies, a zoonotic disease transmitted to humans by animal bites, is invariably fatal if proper treatment is not received
[promptly] after exposure.
 犠牲者は、Ashti talukaのChincholi村の住人で5ヶ月前に猫に咬まれた。世界保健機関によれば、(狂犬病の)潜伏期間は通常1から3ヶ月間であるが、1週間から1年まで変動があり得る。市職員は、彼女は抗狂犬病ワクチン及び狂犬病免疫グロブリンをスケジュール通りに受けていなかったと話している。狂犬病は、動物に噛まれることにより人に伝播する人獣共通感染症であり、暴露後(即座に)適切な処置を受けなければ必ず致死的となる。

“[She] was admitted to Naidu hospital at 8:00 pm on Sunday [6 Jul 2014]. She died of the infection at 4:45 pm on Monday [7 Jul 2014],”said a PMC health official. She had developed symptoms of rabies like hydrophobia (fear of water), aerophobia (fear of air) and was extremely breathless at the time of admission to the hospital.

“She suffered category-I cat bite and scratches on hands. As per the medical history produced by victims’ relatives, she had neither taken the anti-rabies vaccination on the scheduled days nor did she receive rabies immunoglobulin, a ready-made antibody which is extremely effective in deactivating the virus,” the official said

Cat bites account for approximately 10-20 percent of all animal bites in the country. Since animal bites can lead to infections or even rabies, they necessitate immediate treatment and careful management,doctors have repeatedly said. “Meticulous wound cleaning is essential to prevent rabies and encourage healing. Risk of infection differs
among animal species, although most animal bite wounds can cause rabies,” said a preventive social medicine (PSM) expert from the Sassoon General Hospital.
 猫の咬傷は、国内における全動物の咬傷のおよそ10~20%にあたる。動物による咬まれ傷は、狂犬病はもとより感染症を引き起こすので、迅速な治療と注意深い管理を必要とする。と医師たちが繰り返し述べた。”傷口の念入りな洗浄は、狂犬病予防と治癒促進のために必須である。ほとんどすべての動物による咬まれ傷が狂犬病の原因となり得るのであるが、動物種間における感染リスクの差異がある。”とSassoon General Hospitalの予防社会医学の専門家(PSM)は話した。

Soft-tissue injuries and skin penetration are often seen in cat bite cases. “Bites are most commonly found on the hands, [forearms], and legs, with the injury usually consisting of puncture wounds resulting in laceration or severe damage in some cases,” said another doctor.
The cases are seen in all age groups, but more often in children, who tend to go near animals out of curiosity or provoke them while playing, he added.

[As a veterinarian, I have had my fair share of cat bites. As their incisors are sharp and relatively long, their bites go deep. They should not be ignored, even if there is no concern about rabies.

With 18 human cases in the 1st 6 months of this year [2014], they can expect some 36 by the end of the year. I suspect that an aggressive,statewide animal vaccination programme is overdue.

Being relatively small animals, cats will not survive an attack by a rabid dog. They will get infected either by a rabid cat or by playing with a sick rabid bat; the latter make ideal “toys” for inquisitive cats.