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ProMED翻訳情報(284回) ~ニューヨークで確認された野生動物の狂犬病~


Date: Wed 23 Jul 2014  Source: CNYCentral.com [edited]

The Onondaga County Health Department has confirmed 3 more cases of wild animals testing positive for rabies from 3 different towns.

Interim health commissioner Michelle Mignano says that a rabid raccoon was found in the Route 11A area in Nedrow, and 2 rabid bats were found — one in the Town of Manlius and 1 in the Town of Lafayette. That brings the total number of confirmed rabies cases in Onondaga County this year [2014] to 10.
 衛生臨時長官であるMichelle Mignano氏は一頭の狂犬病のアライグマがネドロー町のルート11Aの地域で発見され、また2匹の狂犬病コウモリが、マンリウスの町で1匹、ラファイテの町で1匹、各々見つかったと述べている。このことでこの年(2014年)のオノンダガ郡の狂犬病の確認総数は10頭となっている。

“We are seeing high numbers of animals testing positive for rabies this season [2014], further emphasizing the need to remain vigilant and to never touch or feed wildlife because they may be rabid,” Mignano says. “Rabies is preventable by avoiding close contact to wildlife and domestic pets that you are unfamiliar with.”
[byline: Ken Chapman]

[In the USA, several wildlife variants of Lyssavirus exist, which circulate in bats, raccoons, skunks, foxes, and coyotes. Transmission
rarely occurs between species, and these “spillover events” generally are not perpetuated in the recipient species.

While bat rabies is found throughout the USA, main terrestrial reservoirs differ depending on the geographical location. Raccoon rabies virus variant is present in the eastern United States.

It is very important to make sure to keep the vaccination schemes of all dogs and cats in the area up to date and not to approach wildlife with unusual behavior.]