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ProMED翻訳情報(285回) ~ニュージャージー州で発生したねこからの狂犬病暴露事例~


Date: Fri 1 Aug 2014  Source: The Global Dispatch [edited]

A kitten that was submitted for rabies testing on 25 Jul 2014 has tested positive for rabies. The kitten was in the vicinity of Eaves Mill Rd, Route 541 and Route 70 in Medford Township, Burlington County [New Jersey], according to government officials.

The Burlington County Health Department is concerned that some individuals may have been in contact with this kitten. To date, the Health Department has determined that 3 cats, 1 dog and 13 individuals have been exposed. All individuals have been advised to receive treatment, and the dogs and cats will be [handled] following strict public health precautions and will be evaluated for 6 months for possible rabies. They will be responding to the following areas today [1 Aug 2014] to follow up and provide information to residents residing in these affected areas: Medford Mill, Medford Mews, Cherry Street, and Firehouse Lane.

The Burlington County Health Department warns homeowners who allow their pets to roam outside unattended to check the status of their pets’ last rabies shot. If it has been longer than one year, a booster shot should be given. County Health Officer Holly Cucuzzella said, “Rabies is transmitted from infected mammals to humans usually through a bite, but scratches and saliva contact with broken skin or mucous membranes are also possible routes. Any person who had direct contact with the cat may have been exposed to rabies and should contact their doctor as soon as possible.”
 バーリントン郡保健所は飼育するペットの世話をせず外をうろうろさせている家の所有者に飼育するペットの最新の狂犬病予防注射の状態を調べるよう警告している。もし一年を過ぎでいるようであれば、追加接種を受けるべきである。郡保健所の役人Holly Cucuzzellaは「狂犬病は通常咬傷を通じて感染したほ乳動物から人に伝播しますが、ひっかき傷や、傷ついた皮膚または粘膜への唾液の接触も可能性のある(感染)ルートです。そのネコと直接接触した人は誰でも狂犬病に暴露した可能性があり、できるだけ早期に自身の主治医に連絡をとるべきです。」と述べた。

Rabies is an acute viral infection that is transmitted to humans or other mammals usually through the saliva from a bite of an infected animal. It is also rarely contracted through breaks in the skin or contact with mucous membranes. It has been suggested that airborne transmission is possible in caves where there are heavy concentrations of bats.

Although worldwide it is estimated that there are more than 55 000 deaths due to rabies annually, human rabies cases are extremely rare in the United States, which averages less than 5 human rabies cases annually. Human rabies is prevented by administration of rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin.
[Byline: Robert Herriman]

From the sound of this very brief report, the affected family rescued a kitten they found on the side of Eaves Mill Rd, whereby it exposed the 3 family cats, the pet dog, the family and then the veterinary clinic staff when they took in the sick kitten for examination. Such events are, unfortunately, not uncommon — and demonstrate why it is best to utilise the cat rescue folk when you want a new cat.