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ProMED翻訳情報(286回) ~コスタリカで発生した子供の死亡事例~


Date: Thu 17 Jul 2014 Source: Reporte Epidemiologico de Cordoba, Argentina; EFE report [in Spanish, transl., edited]

Costa Rica: 9-year-old child dies from rabies
コスタリカ: 9歳の子供が狂犬病で死亡
The Ministry of Health of Costa Rica reported on 17 Jul [2014] that a child had died from rabies from a squirrel bite. The child lived in the Peninsula de Osa [Puntarenas Province] in the south of the country, and died on 16 Jul [2014] in the Hospital Nacional de Ninos in San Jose after presenting with a prolonged high temperature.
コスタリカ保健省は子供がリスによる咬傷から狂犬病で死亡していたことを7月17日[2014年]に報告した。子供は国の南にあるオサ半島[プンタレナス州]に住んでいて、長時間の高熱を示した後にサンホセのNacional de Ninos 病院において7月16日[2014年]に亡くなった。

Costa Rica has not registered a case of human rabies since 2001, while canine rabies was eradicated in the 1970s. Maria Esther Anchia, Costa Rica’s Vice-Minister of Health, said that the child, whose identity has not been revealed, was bitten by a squirrel that frequented their house, and appears to have transmitted the infection.
コスタリカでは2001年以来ヒトの狂犬病症例は記録されていない、一方イヌの狂犬病は1970年代に根絶されている。コスタリカ保健省副大臣のMaria Esther Anchiaは、身元が明らかにされていない子供が、家にしばしば来ていて感染させたと思われるリスにより噛まれたと語った。

Maria Ethel Trejos, Director of Epidemiologic Surveillance in the Ministry of Health, declared that the national veterinary service has initiated a massive animal vaccination programme in the southern zone of the country. In addition, the Ministry of Health and the Costa Rica Social Security Office, which administers the public health centres, started on 17 Jul [2014] to vaccinate all humans who had been in contact with this child, both family members and health sector personnel.
保健省疫学サーベイランス長官のMaria Ethel Trejosは、国立獣医部門は国の南部地帯で大規模な動物ワクチン接種プログラムを開始したと宣言した。さらに、保健省や保健所を管理するコスタリカ社会保障庁は、家族と保健部門の担当者の両方ともこの子供に接触したすべての人に対しワクチン接種を7月17日[2014年]に開始した。–

[When one checks the rabies data reported by OIE, it jumps out that bovine rabies is a constant problem in Puntarenas Province; i.e., 2011 with 2 outbreaks involving 6 cattle; 2012, 4 outbreaks, 4 cattle; and 2013, 2 outbreaks, 3 cattle; overall, 8 outbreaks and 13 cattle deaths. Over the same 3-year period, there was 1 outbreak in Acajuela with 6 cattle affected; Guanacaste, 3 outbreaks, 7 cattle affected; and San Jose with 1 outbreak involving 2 cattle. What this says is that vampire bat rabies is an ongoing problem which unexpectedly involved a squirrel (one must wonder how the squirrel stayed still enough to be infected by a vampire bat — sleeping?) to which the children in the house had access.]

[Given Mod.MHJ’s comment above re: the ongoing problems with vampire bat rabies in the area, combined with the rarity of identification of rabies in squirrels associated with human disease, one can’t help but wonder if perhaps the child had an undetected bite from an infected vampire bat.]