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ProMED翻訳情報(297回) ~サウスカロライナ州で発生したコウモリからの狂犬病暴露~




Date: Wed 30 Jul 2014   Source: Charlotte Observer [edited]


Four people in Rock Hill [York County, South Carolina] are receiving treatment after they were exposed to rabies by a bat, according to the state Department of Health and Environmental Control. The exposure happened somewhere in Rock Hill, but state officials have not said exactly where the incident happened. After the exposure, the bat was captured, euthanized and examined to determine whether it had rabies, said Jim Beasley, DHEC spokesman.

州保健環境管理局(DHEC)によると、ロックヒル(サウスカロライナ州、ヨーク郡)で4人がコウモリにより狂犬病に曝露し、治療を受けている。ロックヒルのどこかで曝露されたということだが、州職員はどこで起こったのかははっきりと述べていない。DHECの広報官Jim Beasleyによると、曝露後にコウモリは捕獲され、狂犬病検査の為に安楽死させたとしている。


The victims were exposed last Saturday [26 Jul 2014], Beasley said.

Lab results confirmed on Tuesday [29 Jul 2014], he said, that the bat had rabies. The bat, officials say, is the 9th animal in York County to test positive for rabies this year [2014]. There were 12 reported last year [2013].



There were 124 confirmed cases of rabies in animals in South Carolina last year [2013]. So far this year [2014], there have been 75 confirmed cases in animals statewide.




Sandra Craig, with the department’s environmental health services bureau, said in the release that about 275 people in the state must receive preventative treatment for rabies each year. If someone thinks they have been exposed to rabies, they should wash the affected area with plenty of soap and water, seek medical treatment and report the incident to DHEC, she said.

環境衛生局のSandra Craigは広報で、州内において毎年約275名が狂犬病の予防処置を受けなければならない状況であるとし、もし誰かが狂犬病に曝露したと思われた場合、曝露した箇所を十分な量の石けんと水でよく洗い、医療処置を受けてDHECに報告をするようにと述べている。


The 4 people who were exposed have been referred to a health care provider for preventative treatment. The bat, officials said, tested positive for the disease, which can be transmitted by animals through a bite, scratch or saliva. Domestic pets are able to contract rabies, as well, the release states. The victims were treated at Piedmont Medical Center, said Amy Faulkenberry, hospital spokeswoman. She could not release more details about them.

曝露された4人は予防処置のために医療機関に送られた。担当者によると、コウモリは狂犬病陽性であり、咬傷やひっかき傷、唾液により動物に伝播することが出来る。飼育動物も狂犬病に感染する可能性はある、と広報で述べられている。病院広報担当のAmy Faulkenberry によると、被害者達はPiedmont Medical Centerにて治療を受けたが、被害者に関してそれ以上の詳細を話されなかった。


When patients are admitted to the hospital for possible rabies treatment, they are administered an anti-viral and an antibiotic vaccination in the emergency room to stave off possible infection, she said. From there, they are able to go home but are placed on a treatment protocol requiring dosage boosts 3, 5, 7 and 14 days after the exposure.

Amy Faulkenberry によると、患者が狂犬病治療のために入院した際、感染(発症?)の可能性を回避するために抗ウイルスワクチン及び抗生物質の接種を救急で施されている。その後は帰宅可能であったが治療プロトコルに従って曝露後3,5,7,14日目に追加接種が行われている。


[Byline: Jonathan McFadden]

[It is best to be cautious with exposures to rabid bats and get vaccinated, just in case. Details are missing from this report, but I would guess that someone picked up a sick bat and it was referred to the diagnostic laboratory to be checked. South Carolina had a human case of bat exposure rabies in 2011; see 20111217.3617.