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ProMED翻訳情報(306回) ~ノースカロライナ州で発生した遺棄されたと思われる子犬の狂犬病~




Date: Fri 19 Sep 2014
    Source: WITN[edited]


A 10-week-old pit bull-type puppy found next to a trash dumpster in Havelock [Craven County, North Carolina] has tested positive for rabies and now authorities are warning people who may have come in contact with the dog.

The Craven County Health Department says the puppy was found by a dumpster between the former Carolina Grill and the Havelock Post Office on U.S. 70.


They are warning anyone who came in contact with the black and white puppy’s saliva, or bitten between 29 Aug and 18 Sep [2014] should get a rabies risk assessment.

The health department says if any other puppies matching this description are seen in the area, to immediately contact police of the sheriff’s office.


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[A 10-week old pup, plus or minus a week or so, and part of a litter of pups, would have been weaned and placed with a new owner. Logically, said owner could not manage a sick pup and the costs of taking it to a veterinary clinic, and dumped it. If it had gone into a clinic it would have had an owner and a history.


While we see feral cats, feral dogs are unusual and pit bulls are favored in some communities, for good or ill, though when properly raised they make 1st class and reliable companions. Allowing for incubation period, this pup was probably exposed with the other pups on the eve of being placed, thus the need to trace any and all similar pups of breed and age in the Havelock community; similarly, whoever helped place this pup. Pups lick, so anyone handling them will be at risk. I would not be surprised if the pup’s mother turns out to be affected.