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ProMED翻訳情報(308回) ~ニューヨークで発生したキツネからの狂犬病曝露事例~




Date: Tue 23 Sep 2014     Source: WPIX, Associated Press (AP) report [edited]


Police say a fox believed to have bitten a New York City woman, a school child, school staff members, and a dog has tested positive for rabies.



East Windsor Police Lt Michael Poliquin said Tuesday [23 Sep 2014] the animal was destroyed and tests found it had rabies.

East Windsor警察のLt Michael Poliquinは、火曜日[2014年9月23日]に、その動物(キツネ)は殺され、狂犬病に罹っていたと述べた。


[The woman] said she felt something bite her the moment she opened the door at her family’s house in East Windsor on [Mon 22 Sep 2014]. She was planning a celebratory breakfast after her boyfriend proposed to her. Instead, she went to the hospital.

[2014年の9月22日(月)に]East Windsorにある実家のドアを開けた瞬間に、何かに咬まれたと感じた、と彼女は述べた。彼女は、ボーイフレンドにプロポーズされたので、お祝いのための朝食をとろうと考えていた。その代わりに、彼女は病院に行った。


Police believe it was the same fox officers killed at Broad Brook Elementary School about an hour and a half later.

警察は、それがその約1時間半後にBroad Brook小学校で職員に殺されたキツネと同一の個体であると見なしている。


It bit a 2nd-grader on the playground and wounded 2 staff members.



Police say the 4 people were taken to a hospital.



[The suspicion that the rabid fox is the one who bit 4 people should be reason enough to get the people medical attention and provide PEP (post exposure prophylaxis). Rabies is a virus that is almost always fatal to its victims. There are very few people who have survived, but the few that survived the disease have not necessarily returned to a “normal, pre- bite” state.



In unvaccinated animals it is always fatal, either through natural causes or because the animal is euthanized.



Rabies is a serious problem. If the fox is rabid, then there should be a rabies drive to vaccinate every dog, cat, and horse in the area. Yet this article does not mention that was occurring. Protecting our pets from this disease is a good way to build a barrier between the disease and ourselves.