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ProMED翻訳情報(317回) ~サウスカロライナ州における子ねこからの狂犬病曝露~




Date: Thu 21 Aug 2014     Source: Fox Carolina [edited]


Health officials said 14 people were exposed to rabies after coming in contact with a kitten that tested positive for the disease in Anderson County [South Carolina]. According to the Department of Health and Environmental Control [DHEC], this is the 1st animal to test positive for rabies in Anderson County this year [2014], with positive tests confirmed on Tuesday [19 Aug 2014].

保健当局はAnderson郡[サウスカロライナ州]において、14人の人々が、狂犬病陽性と診断された子猫に触れて、その疾病に暴露されたと述べた。Department of Health and Environmental Control[DHEC]によると、火曜日[2014年8月19日]に狂犬病陽性と診断されたことにより、これはAnderson郡における今年初の動物の狂犬病陽性例となった。


DHEC spokesperson Jim Beasley said the kitten that exposed the people to the viral disease was originally injured by a wild animal. Beasley said the person who rescued the kitten was then potentially exposed by the wild animal. He said other people caring for the kitten were subsequently exposed. According to Beasley, the people were exposed to the disease between 29 Jul and 15 Aug [2014]. They were referred to doctors to undergo treatment for the contact.

DHECの広報官であるJim Beasleyは、人々にウイルス性疾病(狂犬病)を暴露させたこの子猫は、もともと野生動物に傷つけられていた、と語った。Beasleyは、その子猫を助けた人もまた、その野生動物と接触した可能性があり、またその子猫を手当てした人々も引き続いて(狂犬病に)暴露された、と述べた。Beasleyによると、人々は[2014年]7月29日から8月15日にかけて、その疾病(狂犬病)に暴露された。彼らは、接触後の治療を受けるため、医者を紹介された。


DHEC said the exposure is under investigation and other animals are quarantined as a result, but health officials have not released further details about the case.



South Carolina law requires pet owners vaccinate their dogs, cats and ferrets regularly. Though younger animals may not be vaccinated, pet owners are urged to use caution and monitor their pets’ contact with other animals — especially outside.



[Byline: Casey Vaughn]