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ProMED翻訳情報(321回) ~サウスカロライナ州におけるねこからの狂犬病曝露~




Date: Thu 6 Nov 2014   Source: Fox Carolina [edited]


The Department of Health and Environmental Control [DHEC] reported Thursday [6 Nov 2014] that one person is being treated after being exposed to rabies in the Gray Court area of Laurens County [South Carolina].  The person was scratched by a stray cat on [2 Nov 2014] and the cat tested positive for the disease on [5 Nov 2014], DHEC officials said.



“To reduce the risk of getting rabies, we recommend that people avoid wild animals acting tame and tame animals acting wild,” said Sandra Craig of DHEC’s Bureau of Environmental Health Services. [Very sound advice. – Mod.MHJ] “About 275 South Carolinians must undergo preventive treatment for rabies every year, with most exposures coming from bites or scratches by a rabid or suspected rabid animal. Wild animals contract the disease most often, but domestic pets can contract rabies as well.” DHEC officials also ask pet owners to keep their animals’ rabies vaccinations current.

「狂犬病にかかるリスクを減らすために、私たちは野生動物が温厚な仕草をしたり、温厚な動物が荒々しくなったりしたりしたら、(その動物との接触を)避けるよう勧告します。」と環境保健サービスのDHEC支局のサンドラクレイグ氏は述べた。(とてもよい助言と思われる。モデレータMHJ) 「毎年約275人のサウスカロライナ州の住民は、狂犬病の動物や狂犬病の疑いのある動物に咬まれたり引っかかれたりするほとんどの暴露で、狂犬病に対する予防処置を受けなくてはなりません。ほとんどの場合、野生動物は狂犬病にかかりますが、飼育されるペットも同様に狂犬病にかかる可能性があります。」DHECの担当者はまた、ペットの飼い主に自分の動物に常に狂犬病ワクチン接種をしておくようにとも求めている。


The disease is fatal to unvaccinated animals and is a threat to humans. Infected animals can transfer the virus by biting or scratching people or animals, or via contact with the infected animals’ saliva.



The cat was the 7th to test positive from Laurens County in 2014 and was the 124th animal to test positive in the state this year [2014].  [Byline: Dal Kalsi]




[From the last sentence, we are barely scratching the surface of rabies reports for South Carolina. The annual incidence is a sound reason for vaccinating dogs and cats. House pets do get out, sometimes unseen, and in that time can have unfortunate adventures. And a barn cat can bring the infection in and infect other animals including horses.