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ProMED翻訳情報(333回) ~ノースカロライナ州で発生したネコからの狂犬病曝露~




Date: Wed 17 Dec 2014   Source: WRAL.com [edited]


Cumberland County [North Carolina] officials are urging residents to make sure their pets are vaccinated after a stray cat that was taken in by a family in Wade tested positive for rabies. The sick cat showed up [Sat 13 Dec 2014] at a home on Hayfield Drive, off Wade-Stedman Road, where the family’s 2 dogs tried to attack it. One of the residents tried to intervene and was bitten by one of the dogs, officials said [Wed 17 Dec 2014].



The residents of the home cared for the cat until [Mon 15 Dec 2014], when they took the cat to a veterinarian who determined the animal showed signs of rabies. Animal Control picked up the cat for testing. The 2 dogs and other pets in the household had current rabies vaccinations. The family was advised to seek medical treatment, officials said.



The cat is the 12th case of rabies in [Cumberland] county this year [2014].

Animal control officials caution residents to avoid wild animals or strays that exhibit strange or aggressive behavior. Any pet that appears to have been in a fight should be handled with caution and taken to a veterinarian. Anyone who thinks they have encountered a rabid animal should call a local Animal Control office during business hours or the sheriff’s office on weekends and holidays.


[Note: “The cat is the 12th case of rabies in the county this year [2014].” With this level of incidence one must keep one’s pets and horses vaccinated. And if you are a veterinary clinician, make sure that you and your clinical staff are up to date on your rabies shots.