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ProMED翻訳情報(335回) ~セブ島における犬狂犬病の現状~




Date: Sun 21 Dec 2014    Source: GMA News [edited]


At least 40 canine rabies cases have been recorded in Cebu in the 1st 10 months of 2014, the Cebu provincial government said early last week. This was 2 less than the number of cases reported in 2013, the provincial government said on its website.



It said that as of October 2014, the Department of Agriculture in Central Visayas recorded 40 positive cases of canine rabies. Of the 40 cases, 18 came from Lapu-lapu City, 16 from Cebu City, 2 from Talisay City, and another 2 from Balamban town. Mandaue City and San Remegio have one rabies case each.

2014年10月現在、Central Visayas地方の農務省がイヌの狂犬病の40の陽性症例を記録した、と話した。40症例のうち、Lapu-lapu市からのものが18例、Cebu市からが16例、Talisay市からが2例、他の2例はBalamban町からであった。Mandaue市とSan Remegioが、それぞれ1例であった。


Local government officials called for vigilance, noting that not all cases may have been reported to authorities. “Especially those who are far from animal bite centers or laboratories might no longer bother to report these incidents,” said Dr. Mary Ann Gabona, chief of the Public Animal Health Division in the Provincial Veterinarian’s Office.

すべてのケースが当局に報告されるわけではなかったことに注意し、地方官庁職員は警戒を呼びかけた。”特に動物咬傷センターや研究所から遠い者は、もはやわざわざこれらの事件を報告しないかもしれません。”、 と州獣医局にある公立動物健康部門の責任者であるMary Ann Gabona博士は述べた。


Dr. Raffy Deray, manager of the Department of Health’s National Rabies Prevention and Control Program, said rabies remains a public health problem. From 2010 to 2013, the provincial government said rabies caused the deaths of 876 people. Last year [2013], 6 human rabies cases were reported in Central Visayas. As of October 2014, only one suspected case has been reported.

保健省の国立狂犬病予防制御プログラム部門の主任であるRaffy Deray博士は、狂犬病が公衆衛生問題であり続けていると述べた。州政府は、2010年から2013年までの間に、狂犬病で876人が亡くなった、と伝えた。昨年[2013年]、Central Visayasで6例のヒト狂犬病症例が報告された。2014年10月現在、1つの疑わしい症例だけが報告されている。


Some 84 percent of rabies diseases are transmitted by dogs.



Deray said the challenge of the vaccinators is how to implement the program in the far-flung areas. This year [2014], the provincial government revived a province-wide search for the best barangays implementing rabies eradication programs. The provincial government aims to achieve a rabies-free Cebu by 2016.



Visayas is one of the beneficiaries of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and World Health Organization’s Rabies-Free Visayas Project. Since 2011, Cebu has achieved 80 percent rabies vaccination out of a dog population of 339 798.

Visayas(諸島)は、Bill and Melinda Gates財団(BMGF)と世界保健機構の狂犬病フリーVisayasプロジェクトの受益者のうちの1つである。2011年以降、セブは339,798頭のイヌの80パーセントに狂犬病予防接種を成し遂げた。


The DOH allocated 2.2 million doses of vaccine to animal bite centers across the country this year [2014]. In 2015, the amount will be doubled to 4.4 million.

[Byline: Joel Locsin]

今年[2014年]、DOH(校正者:保健省?)は国中の動物咬傷センターへ220万ドーズのワクチンを割り当てました。 2015年には、その量は倍の440万ドーズにされるでしょう。

[Previously, as late as 2011, the Philippines was estimated to be among the top 10 rabies hot spots in Asia. More recently, there have been successful efforts in some parts of the country to improve the situation by enhanced dog rabies control programmes and increasing awareness of the general population. Good progress appears to be being made in the control of canine rabies in Cebu City. The failure of a small number of dog owners to vaccinate is still thwarting efforts to eradicate the disease locally.



As this programme of canine vaccination succeeds, we can expect more people to be reporting sick dogs. This is good, though a mite disheartening. The good news is that the human rabies incidence has dropped to just one this year [2014]. As long as they can reach the dogs in the maze of big cities and those in the far corners, along with the dogs in the easier reached quarters, they may well be free of canine rabies by late 2016. It is hard, but achievable.