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ProMED翻訳情報(337回) ~テキサス州で発生した飼い猫からの狂犬病曝露~


Date: Tue 23 Dec 2014    Source: KENS 5 [edited]

Four people are being treated for exposure to rabies after a pet cat died from the virus in Kerrville [Kerr County, Texas]. Rabies can be deadly for both animals and humans. We talked to the [veterinarian] who treated the cat last week [week ending 21 Dec 2014]. She said it was agitated and couldn’t control its own muscle movements. As the cat was being treated a technician was scratched in the arm. Now the [veterinarian], the technician and both the cat’s owners are being vaccinated.

Kerrville( Kerr郡、テキサス州)で飼い猫が狂犬病で死亡し、4名が狂犬病に曝露したとして治療を受けている。狂犬病は動物と人にとって共に致死的である。我々は先週(2014年12月21日の週末)、猫を治療した獣医師と話をした。彼女は、その猫が痙攣しており、自身の筋肉の動きを制御することが出来ていなかったと話している。猫は治療を受けている際にテクニシャンの腕を引っ掻いている。現在、その獣医師とテクニシャン、猫の所有者である2名はワクチン接種を受けている。

The cat’s death brings the total number of rabies cases in Kerr County to 10. There’s an 11th case on the Kerr and Kendall County border. All the animals [were feral] like skunks, raccoons and bats, except for the pet cat that died last week. Dr David Cardwell, with the Kerrville Veterinary Clinic said, “We were waiting for the other shoe to drop. Now it has that a domestic cat tested positive for rabies.”
Kerr郡ではこの猫の死亡により、狂犬病症例数が10症例となった。11例目がKerrとKendal郡の境で発生している。この先週死んだ飼い猫を除いて、スカンク、アライグマ、コウモリなど全てが野生動物である。Kerrville動物病院のDavid Cardwell獣医師は「私たちは結果が出るのを気を揉みながら待っていましたが、その飼い猫は狂犬病陽性であったことがわかりました。」と述べている。
The commonest way for rabies to spread is for an infected animal to bite another animal, which is also how can spread to humans. Health officials advise if you are scratched you should see a doctor as well. The Texas Department of State Health Services said if a person is exposed to rabies, a vaccine could save their life. But if the virus starts to affect their brain, the virus is nearly 100 per cent lethal. That means rabies has a higher mortality rate than Ebola.
The word of advice is if you see an animal acting strangely, stay away and call animal control. Also, keep your pets and livestock up to date on their rabies vaccine. The department of state health said the cat that died last week would have been infectious for 10 days before the virus killed it. Now county animal control is checking if anyone else was exposed to the virus. The state health services said all 4 people who are being administered the rabies vaccines should be okay.     [byline: Anusha Ghosh Roy]

[The moral of this event is keep your pets and livestock vaccinated. Kerrville is on the edge of the Texas “hill country” and therefore rich in wildlife. As this cat had no evidence of previous trauma, I think we can presume that it got infected from a sick infected bat; in Texas the commonest affected bat species are Mexican free-tailed bats.
In many parts of Texas, children are taught to never pick up a sick bat. Unfortunately, by their nature, cats pay no attention and see a sick bat as a fun toy. A rabid skunk or raccoon is not attractive to a cat and would kill the latter with its bite. Thus why they must be vaccinated annually. – Mod.MHJ