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ProMED翻訳情報(345回) ~米国で発生した動物保護施設から譲渡された子犬による狂犬病曝露事例~




Date: Thu 15 Jan 2015     Source: Fox 12 [edited]


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control DHEC) said 4 people were exposed to rabies by a puppy in the Seneca area of Oconee County. Officials said the puppy was attacked by a skunk several weeks ago and received veterinary care for the injuries, but the puppy was too young to be vaccinated against the disease at the time and died.



The skunk was wild and was not available to be tested, DHEC officials said.



Four people were referred to healthcare providers for post exposure consultation, officials said.”Unvaccinated pets that are exposed to the rabies virus must be quarantined or euthanized,” said Sandra Craig of DHEC’s Bureau of Environmental Health Services (BEHS). “Rabies is fatal once the virus reaches the brain, yet the heartache of losing a pet to this disease can be avoided. DHEC-sponsored rabies clinics are offered across the state by local veterinarians each spring, and low-cost vaccines are available every day at local veterinary clinics,” Craig said.

4名の人たちは、曝露後診察のためヘルスケア施設へ紹介された、と係官は話した。「狂犬病ウイルスに曝露されたワクチン未接種のペットは、隔離されるか安楽死されなければならない。」、とSandra Craig DHECの環境保健サービス(BEHS)部門のSandra Craigは、話した。狂犬病は、ひとたびウイルスが脳に達すると致死的であり、今なお、この病気でペットをなくす心痛を避けることはできない。DHEC主催の狂犬病診療所が、州全域で毎春地方獣医師により提供される。そして低料金のワクチンが毎日地元の獣医診療所で受けることができる。とCraigは話した。


Officials said there were 139 confirmed cases of animals with rabies in South Carolina in 2014. This year [2015], there have already been 8 confirmed cases statewide. The puppy is the 1st to test positive in 2015 in Oconee County.     [Byline: Joseph Pereir]



[This is a consistent story that re-emphasises the need to have all domestic canine and feline pets vaccinated against rabies and at the earliest possible date, and annually thereafter. Also a question: what can be done to protect puppies and kittens regarded as too young to be vaccinated? And is there any benefit in treating a possibly exposed pup or kitten with antiserum?

これは、すべての飼育犬及び猫に狂犬病に対するできるだけ早期のそしてその後毎年のワクチン接種の必要性を再強調するのに矛盾のないストーリーである。  更なる疑問点:若齢過ぎてワクチン接種ができない子犬や子猫を守るためには何ができるのか?曝露されたと思われる子犬や子猫に抗血清による治療の有効性の有無について?]