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ProMED翻訳情報(346回) ~ガーナにおける人用狂犬病ワクチンの不足に関する現状~



Date: Wed 7 Jan 2014     Source: GhanaWeb [edited] 

The Veterinary Service of Ghana has warned of more rabies related deaths, as it records acute shortage of dog vaccines. A total of 890 dog bite cases were recorded by the Veterinary Services in the last quarter of 2014. 120 of the total cases were as a result of stray dogs. There are fears the number of cases could increase this year [2015] as the number of stray dogs continue to increase on the streets of Accra and other parts of the country. The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital has also recorded an increase in rabies related deaths. Director of Public Health at the Veterinary Service, Dr. Boi Bashiru Kikimoto, told Morning Star host Kafui Dey, Tuesday [6 Jan 2015], that city authorities must collaborate with them to arrest stray dogs to avoid the spread of rabies.

ガーナの獣医療当局は、イヌ用ワクチンの深刻な不足を受け、さらに狂犬病による死者が出ることを警告している。2014年の下半期で、計890件のイヌの咬傷事故が獣医療当局によって記録されている。うち120件は野良犬によるものであった。Accra市【訳者注:ガーナの首都】の通りや他の場所で野良犬の数が増えるにつれ、今年[2015年]には、(咬傷事故の)発生件数はさらに増える恐れがある。Korle Bu Teaching Hospitalにおいても、狂犬病による死者数の増加は記録されている。獣医療当局の公衆衛生部門の責任者であるBoi Bashiru Kikimoto医師は火曜日[2015年1月6日]、”Morning Star【訳者注:ガーナのラジオ番組。正しい名称はMorning Starrであるらしい】”の司会者であるKafui Deyに、狂犬病の蔓延を防ぐため、市当局は彼らと協力して野良犬の捕獲に当たらなければならないと述べた。

“I would appeal to Ghanaians that you should report 1st any dog bite case, whether it has an owner or not. From my office, we have never had any positive case for the last quarter … and this is not peculiar to Accra alone. ”

“私はガーナの人々に、それが飼い犬であろうがそうでなかろうが、最初の咬傷事故を見かけたら、それを報告すべきだと声を大にして申し上げたい。私の職場からは、直近の4半期の間、狂犬病陽性の知らせを受けていない…そしてそれは、Accra 市だけに特有のことという訳ではない。”

“Last year [2014] we had 17 human deaths in Ghana, 4 from Upper East, 2 from Ashanti, there was a boy who died in Assin Fosu, 3 were reported to be from Korle Bu, one died from Obuasi and other regions,” Dr. Kikimoto said.

“昨年[2014年]、ガーナでは17人の(狂犬病による)死者が出た。4人はUpper East 区、2人はAshanti 区で、このうちAssin Fosu で死んだのは少年だった【訳者注:Assin Fosuという地名がAshanti 区内にあるかどうかは未確認】。Korle Buでは3人の死者が報告されている。一人はObuasi で、あとはそのほかの地域で亡くなっている。”とKikimoto医師は述べた。
He added that “the vaccines are not harmful to human beings; I have taken anti rabies vaccines even though I have not been bitten by a dog and that’s because once you take it, you are protected from any dog bite wound.”


[Rabies is endemic in Ghana and is of the urban type, with dogs being the reservoir. Information pertaining to human and animal disease has been submitted to the OIE until the end of 2013. The number of human cases was 16, 14, 15 and 4 respectively for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. 2014 data are not yet officially available; according to the above media report, the number of human cases during 2014 increased to become 17.
The animal-related data were:
2012: 49 rabies cases in dogs, 18 dogs destroyed, 85,558 “ring vaccinated”
2013: 53 rabies cases in dogs, 1 in a goat; 15,289 dogs “ring vaccinated”



The drastic drop in the number of dog vaccinations during 2013 should concern the public and should be remedied the earliest; the data pertaining to 2014 are requested.


The deficiency in human vaccine should be addressed the earliest. – Mod.AS