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ProMED翻訳情報(347回) ~インドにおける最近の人の狂犬病曝露事例~



Date: Sat 24 Jan 2015     Source: Hueiyen News Service [edited]


According to top officials of the Disease Investigation Laboratory, Directorate of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Manipur, brain samples collected from 3 dogs which had bitten people to death and one which died with symptoms of rabies without biting anyone were sent to the Veterinary College at Hebbal in Karnataka for testing on 5 Jan 2015. Out of these 4 brain samples, 3 have been confirmed with rabies.

Manipur州のDirectorate of Veterinary and Animal Husbandryの疾病研究所に所属する高官によると、人に咬みついた後に死亡した3匹のイヌと、誰にも咬みついてはいないが、狂犬病の症状を示して死亡した1匹のイヌの脳組織サンプルが集められ、診断のために2015年の1月5日にKarnataka州のHebbalにある獣医科大学に送られたとのこと。この4つの脳組織サンプルのうち、3つは狂犬病と確認された。

Of the positive brain samples, one each had been collected from Khannarok and Kiyamgei in Imphal East district and the other from Maokot village in Churachandpur district.

この陽性脳組織サンプルのうち、Imphal East県のKhannarokおよびKiyamgeiからそれぞれ1つづつ、残りの1つはChurachandpur県のMaokot村で採取された。
The dog from Maokot was one year old, and it had shown symptoms of rabies after [being] bitten by other suspected rabid dogs. The dog from Khannarok was around 10 months old; it died after biting a young boy, while the dog from Kiyamgei was around 4 months old, and it had started showing symptoms of rabies infection.


The test result of the brain sample collected from a dog in Mayang Imphal under Imphal West district, however, turned out to be negative for rabies.

しかしながら、Imphal West地区にあるMayang Imphalのイヌから採取した脳組織サンプルは、診断の結果狂犬病陰性であると判明した。

The officials further disclosed that 5 other brain samples of dogs had already been sent for testing to the Veterinary College at Hebbal some days earlier, and arrangements were being made for sending 3 more samples in the next couple of days.


Meanwhile, mass vaccination programmes are being conducted by the Veterinary Department in collaboration with local clubs and organisations to contain the outbreak of rabies in different parts of the state.

その間にも、大規模な予防接種プログラムが、Manipur州の他の場所での狂犬病の発生を含めて、地元の会と機関との共同でVeterinary Departmentで実施されている。

[Timely vaccination of dogs could have spared the human exposures and fatalities. The vaccination should be carried out when puppies reach the age of 3 months. – Mod.AS]