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ProMED翻訳情報(351回) ~イスラエルで発生したネコの狂犬病~




Date: Wed 11 Feb 2015       Source: Arutz Sheva [edited]


A rabid cat was discovered on [7 Feb 2015] in the southern Golan Heights community of Natur. The cat was caught, the Health Ministry announced.



The Health Ministry requests that anyone who was in contact with the affected feline, or whose pets came into contact with the area in which the cat was found, direct themselves to the Health Offices in Tiberias, or to the health clinic closest to their homes.



[This is the 4th lab-confirmed rabies case in north-east Israel since the start of 2015. The other cases involved 2 dogs and a wolf.

According to information disseminated by Dr Roni Ozari, Director of Israel’s Field Veterinary Services, on 10 Feb 2015, the cat attacked 2 children, one adult and a domestic dog, before being shot. The laboratory test was performed at the rabies centre, Kimron Veterinary Institute. The bitten persons have undergone post-exposure treatment.

本症例は、2015年当初から北東イスラエルにおける4番目に確定診断された症例である。他の症例は、2頭の犬及びオオカミであった。2015年2月10日にイスラエル軍獣医療施設長のDr Roni Ozariにより公表された情報によれば、その猫は射殺される前に2名の子供、1名の大人及び1頭の飼育犬を襲った。確定診断は、Kimron獣医学研究所の狂犬病センターで行われた。咬まれた人たちは、曝露後免疫処置を実施されている。


The previous rabies case in a cat in Israel was recorded in 2011.

Since 1996, 14 cats have been reported rabid (lab confirmed) in Israel. The number of stray cats in Israel is roughly estimated at a 6 to 7 digit figure; some localities apply stray-cat sterilisation policy; results are debatable.



The total number of (lab-confirmed) rabies cases during 2014 was 14,including wolves (4), dogs (3), foxes, jackals, badgers (2 each) and one calf. All cases were found in the north-eastern part of the northern (HaZafon) district, bordering Lebanon and Syria.



The disease in wildlife, rife until the late ’90s, particularly in foxes, has been successfully controlled throughout the country by oral vaccination (baits spread by aircraft).



Rabies has been reintroduced during the recent 5 years into the areas bordering Syria and (to a lesser extent) Lebanon.



Israel’s last human rabies case was reported in 2002. – Mod.AS