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ProMED翻訳情報(357回) ~ニューヨーク州における野生動物の狂犬病の状況~




Date: Fri 13 Jun 2014     Source: The Buffalo News [edited]


The number of wild animals testing positive for rabies in Erie County — and several recent incidents of rabid animals biting residents — led public health authorities on Friday [13 Jun 2014] to issue an alert about the problem.



To date in 2014, 13 animals — 5 raccoons, 5 bats, and a cat, skunk and fox — have tested positive for rabies in the county.



On Wednesday [11 Jun 2014], a rabid bat bit a 15-month-old West Seneca girl on the face in her bedroom. On Thursday [12 Jun 2014], a rabid raccoon bit a man in Alden when he attempted to stop the animal from attacking his dog. Also on Thursday, a Buffalo resident found a rabid bat in his home.

水曜日(2014年6月11日)に、狂犬病罹患コウモリが寝室で15か月齢のWest Senecaの少女の顔を噛んだ。木曜日(2014年6月12日)に、イヌを攻撃している狂犬病罹患アライグマを止めようとしてAldenの男性が咬まれた。同じ木曜日に、Buffaloの住民はかれの家で狂犬病罹患コウモリを発見した。


Rabies is caused by a virus that people and other mammals can get through exposure to the saliva or nervous tissue of a rabid animal, and if untreated, is almost always fatal, according to public health officials. The virus is preventable in pets by vaccinating them to protect against the disease.



“To stay safe, never handle a bat or any other wild animal,” said Dr. Gale R. Burstein, Erie County health commissioner. “In addition, it is extremely important that all household pets receive rabies vaccinations.”

「安全のままでいるために、コウモリやいかなる他の野生動物を手に取らないこと。」とエリー郡の健康委員のDr. Gale R. Bursteinは述べた。「加えて、すべての家庭動物が狂犬病ワクチン接種を受けることが非常に重要である。」


Officials recommended that residents contact the county’s Division of Environmental Health at 961-6800 if they come into contact with an animal that may have rabies.




[In the USA, there exist several wildlife variants of Lyssavirus that circulate in bats, raccoons, skunks, foxes and coyotes. It is very important to make sure to keep the vaccination schemes of all dogs and cats in the area up to date.