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ProMED翻訳情報(379回) ~ロードアイランド州で発生したコウモリからの狂犬病曝露事例~





Date: Wed 13 Aug 2014   Source: WPRI [edited]



Hospitals in Rhode Island are reporting an increase in the number of patients possibly exposed to rabies, and even though there have been no reported cases in the state recently, health officials are warning you to be on the lookout.



Just yesterday [12 Aug 2014], 4 children were treated at Hasbro Children’s Hospital for possible rabies exposure.


ちょうど昨日(2014年8月12日)、4人の子供たちが狂犬病暴露の可能性でHasbro Children’s Hospitalにて治療を受けた。


If you’ve noticed a sudden increase of bats flying around your yard, it’s no coincidence. August is mating season for bats, so they’re out in full force — and some could burrow in your attic. Bats, according to health experts, are the only flying mammal that can carry disease, rabies being the most common.





“Your odds of contracting rabies in the United States are actually fairly low — there are about 2 cases reported per year nationally — however, many of those cases are traced to bats,” said Gary Bubly, M.D., Director of Emergency Medicine at Miriam Hospital. “If you have been exposed, it is worthwhile calling to speak to an expert to determine whether or not the vaccine would be indicated.”


“あなたがアメリカ合衆国で狂犬病にかかる可能性は実はかなり低い―――全国で、年間2例程度の症例が報告される―――しかしながら、それらの症例の多くはコウモリに由来する。”とMiriam Hospital の緊急医療局長であるGary Bubly医師は述べた。“もしあなたが暴露されたのなら、ワクチン接種が必要か否か決定するために専門家に相談するために連絡をとる必要がある。”


What may surprise you is the number of patients being treated for possible rabies exposure. Since June [2014], 160 patients have received rabies vaccinations at hospitals in the state, with the majority of those being children. In June, 26 children were treated for possible rabies exposure, according to Hasbro, and it was up to 36 in July [2014]. So far in August [2014], 33 kids have been treated, and we’re not even halfway through the month.



“Most of the time, these are people that have found a bat in their home and often were not bitten,” Dr. Bubly said. Dr, Bubly said you don’t necessarily have to be bitten to be at risk of exposure. “The bites from the bats can be quite small and virtually imperceptible, particularly to someone who’s asleep. Also, there may have been contact with mucous membranes, for example the eyes or the mouth or an open wound, that could result in transmission of the virus,” he explained.

“たいていの場合、それらは家の中でコウモリを見つけた人々であり、そして多くの場合咬まれていない。”とDr. Bublyは言う。Dr. Bublyは、狂犬病暴露の危険性は(コウモリに)咬まれていなくてもあるという。“コウモリの咬み傷はとても小さく、事実上小さすぎて感知できない、寝ている人は特にである。また、粘膜の接触もあるかもしれない、たとえば、目や口や開いた傷、それらはウイルスの伝播に至る可能性がある。”と彼は説明した。


Health officials warn if you come into contact with a bat, whether it be in your home, yard, or through your pet, you should immediately contact the health department. An official will then determine if your exposure requires vaccinations. If you’re exposed to a rabid bat and do not get vaccinated, rabies is almost always fatal.




It’s crucial to tell your children if they come into contact with a live or dead bat to let you know immediately. Also, the myth about those rabies shots being extremely painful is no longer true, according to Dr. Bubly. The shots are similar to any other vaccination you get, but unfortunately you just need a series of rabies shots over a short period of time.[Byline: Susan Hogan]

Dr. Bublyによると、あなたの子供たちにもし彼らが生死問わずコウモリと接触する事態になったらすぐに知らせるように教えることが極めて重要である。また、狂犬病ワクチン接種が物凄く痛いという俗説は真実ではない、とのことだ。狂犬病ワクチン接種はあなたが受ける他のワクチン接種と同様である、しかしあいにく、短時間内に数回の一連のワクチン接種がまさに必要である。



[Bat exposures should be taken seriously. If you suspect that you have been exposed, contact the heath authorities. Having had my share of regular “rabies shots” — I’m a veterinarian, right? — I can assure you that the current injections are very mild compared to my 1st shots in 1965. The survival rate from clinical rabies is trivial, so roll up your sleeve, or your child’s sleeve. – Mod.MHJ