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ProMED翻訳情報(380回) ~ヴェトナムの一地域における狂犬病の現状~



Date: Mon 18 May 2015       Source: Thanh Nien News [edited]
Thai Nguyen health authorities have reported an increase in rabies infection after many people were bitten by stray dogs. “This year [2015], 4 people have died due to rabies, including a 3 year old boy. He was attacked and badly injured by a stray dog and died a few days after being treated,” Pham Quyet Thang, deputy director of the preventive health center in the Northern Province, said.

Thai Nguyen保健機関は、複数頭の野良犬に多くの人が咬まれてから、狂犬病感染が増加していると報告している。「今年(2015)は3歳の男児を含む4人がすでに狂犬病で死亡しています。その男児は野良犬に襲われて重傷を負い、数日後治療のかいなく亡くなりました。」と、北部州の予防保健センター副所長であるPham Quyet Thang氏は述べている。

The center reported that 3145 people in the province have been bitten by stray dogs between January and March [2015] and that it has repeatedly received reports about stray dogs suspected of being rabid. Thang said local authorities have issued warnings about rabies and set up task forces to kill suspicious-looking stray dogs.

センターは2015年1月から3月にかけて、州内で3145名が野良犬に咬まれており、狂犬病を発症した疑いがある野良犬について何度も報告を受けている。Thangは 現地機関は狂犬病について警戒情報を出し、狂犬病が疑わしく思える野良犬の殺処分について対策本部を設置したとしている。

The center has set up 7 stations to provide rabies vaccines. “The treatment cost of VND 1-2 million [USD 46-92] has been a major problem, leading to painful and unwanted consequences,” Thang said.

センターは狂犬病ワクチンを提供する7つの拠点を設置した。「1-2百万ベトナムドン(USD 46-92)の処置費用は大きな問題であり、痛みや望ましくない結果を引き起こしている」とThang氏は述べている。

Pham Ngoc Quan, deputy director of the province Animal Health Agency, said people always send samples to his center when they kill a stray dog. “Every sample has tested positive for rabies.” Dr Hoang Anh, Thang’s boss, said the only way to avoid death after being bitten by a rabid dog is to get vaccinated. “In case of serious and multiple bites, the patient should be treated with a combination of vaccine and serum.”

州動物保健局副所長のPham Ngoc Quan氏は、住民は野良犬を殺した際にいつもセンターにサンプルが送ってきており、「すべてのサンプルが狂犬病陽性と判定されています。」と話している。Thangの上司であるDr.Hoang Anhは、狂犬病発症犬に咬まれても死を免れる唯一の方法は、ワクチン接種を受けることであるとしている。「もし、重傷や複数の傷を負った場合、患者はワクチンと血清の両方で治療を受けるべきです。」

In Viet Nam, more than 60 000 people were bitten by dogs and cats in 2014, of whom 14 died of rabies.


Rabies kills about 55 000 people a year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, which said children under 15 are the commonest victims. Traditionally, Vietnamese families have raised dogs to guard their homes or for food. According to the General Statistics Office, there are around 10 million dogs in the country.

[byline: Khanh An – Ha An]


[Rabies is endemic in Viet Nam. According to the newswire above 3145 people in the province have been bitten by stray dogs between January and March [2015] and four have died of rabies. The commonest lyssavirus present is genotype 1 (rabies virus, RABV), with human infections being mostly due to its canine biotype iii.

狂犬病はベトナムで蔓延している。ニュースワイヤーによると、2015年1月から3月のあいだに州内で3145名程が野良犬に咬まれ、4名が狂犬病により死亡している。最も共通して存在するリッサウイルスはgenotype 1(狂犬病ウイルス、RABV)で、ヒトの感染はほとんどがイヌbiotypeⅲによるものである。

According to the OIE World Animal Health Information Database, in 2011, Viet Nam indicated an unknown number of dog rabies cases. The following year, 2012, 86 rabies cases in dogs were reported, while 239 651 animals were routinely vaccinated. In 2013, there were 105 dog rabies cases, and 10 895 ring vaccinations.


It is recognized that dog bite incidences originate from an increased number of stray dog population in Viet Nam.