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ProMED翻訳情報(382回) ~フランスで発生した違法輸入犬からの狂犬病曝露事例~




Date: Fri, 22 May 2015      Source: fitfortravel.nhs.uk – News [edited]




A case of canine rabies has been reported in Chambon-Feugerolles, close to Saint-Etienne in the Loire Valley. Rabies was confirmed by the Pasteur Institute on 21 May 2015.

犬狂犬病の事例がLoire ValleyのSaint-Etienne近くのChambon-Feugerollesにおいて報告された。狂犬病は2015年5月21日にパスツール研究所で確認された。


The dog was symptomatic from 7 May and died on 18 May 2015. The[owner] of the dog and his neighbour were both bitten by the dog while it was ill. A further 3 contacts of the dog have been identified. The dog is believed to have been imported illegally from a country where rabies is circulating.



Following further investigation and the declaration of rabies in the area, there will be a restriction of movement of unvaccinated domestic animals (dogs, cats, ferrets) in the town of Chambon-Feugerolles. A restriction zone has been established around the place where the dog with rabies was located.



Advice for travelers



France is considered by WHO as a No-Risk country for rabies; that status and vaccination recommendations remain unchanged. Dogs have been illegally imported from rabies-endemic areas to France in the past. Travellers should always report any bite (including bats) for proper medical assessment.




[According to information in local French press, kindly collected by ProMED-mail’s rapporteur SB, the Prefecture of the Loire announced on Fri 22 May 2015 that all people who had been in contact with the animal who died of rabies between 7 and 16 May 2015 had been sought. A public information helpline (04 77 48 47 58) has been made available for calls. “These people should not expect to have any symptoms but are to be referred to the University Hospital anti-rabies Centre to receive an anti-rabies vaccine, because if it is not quickly treated the infection inevitably leads to fatal consequences,” said Nathalie Gershon, director of the Departmental Directorate of Protection of Populations (HADD) of the Loire. In total, 19 people were identified as having had contact with the dog, whose owner resides in the town of Chambon-Feugerolles. 7 were treated and 6 others were being processed. 6 people around age 30 are still being sought. Placards in French and Arabic were plastered in halls and public spaces around Louis Huguet square, where the owner of the animal lives.

ProMED-mail’sの報告者であるSBによって丁寧に収集されたフランス地方紙の情報によれば、Loire県は2015年5月7日から16日までの間に狂犬病で死亡した動物と接触したすべての人を捜し求めたと2015年5月22日(金)に公表した。公的な救助情報電話(04 77 48 47 58)が利用可能に開設された。”これらの人たちはいかなる症状も発症しないことが予想されるだろうが、抗狂犬病ワクチンを受けるために大学病院の抗狂犬病センターに紹介される。なぜなら、早急に感染を治療しなければ、必ず致死的な結果を招く事になるからである。”とLoire 人口保護局長(HADD)のNathalie Gershonは、話した。その犬の飼い主が住んでいるChambon-Feugerolles町において合計で19名がその犬と接触したことがあるとして確認された。7名は治療を受けた、他の6名は途中である、また30歳前後の6名はまだ捜索中である。フランス語及びアラビア語のポスターがその動物の飼育者の住むLouis Huguet広場の周辺の集会所と公的な場所に掲示された。


The 6 month old bull terrier died during the night of May 17 to 18, after biting a relative of his master and the dog of a neighbor. It was brought from Algiers, where the owners visited from 21 Apr to 7 May 2015.



A stray cat capture operation was under way at Chambon-Feugerolles on Fri 22 May 2015, said the prefecture, prohibiting cats from leaving the homes of their owners in this part of the town of Chambon-Feugerolles. A restriction zone was set up around Louis Huguet square. A decree in place until 27 Oct 2015 restricts the movements of other domestic carnivores that have no valid vaccination and identification certificates.

野良猫捕獲作業が2015年5月22日(金)にChambon-Feugerollesで進行中だった。と県は話している。Chambon-Feugerollesの町のこの一部において飼い主の家から猫が逃げることを禁止している。制限する範囲は、Louis Huguet広場周辺に設定された。2015年10月27日までのその地区の法律が、有効なワクチン接種を受けていない、または身元証明のない他の飼育肉食獣の移動を制限する。


France is has been considered free of rabies since 2001. The last case previously identified by authorities dates back to 2013, in the Val-d’Oise. It concerned a kitten acquired on a trip to the Maghreb.



Rabies is endemic in Algeria. According to the most recent available annual OIE report (2013), during that year there were 331 cases in dogs and 35 in cats. Vaccination seems to have been restricted to owned, domestic animals: 52 248 dogs, 13 109 cats. During 2013, 22 cases/deaths in humans were reported. – Mod.AS

狂犬病は、アルジェリアで流行している。入手可能な最も最近のOIE年報(2013)によれば、その年の間に331例の犬狂犬病と35例の猫狂犬病があった。ワクチン接種は飼育されているものに限定されていると思われる: 52,248頭の犬、13,109頭の猫である。2013年の間に22人の死亡が報告された。