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ProMED翻訳情報(387回) ~フロリダ州で発生したキツネからの狂犬病曝露事例~


Date: 14 Jun 2015    Source: Orlando Sentinel [edited]

A Lakeland woman was attacked and bitten by a fox with rabies, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. The woman was walking on her family’s property on Beverly Hills Road on Thursday [11 Jun 2015] when the fox attacked her from behind and bit her twice. She told Polk County Animal Control she fought off the animal 3 times then had to kill it.


Animal Control retrieved the fox’s body and sent it for testing where it was confirmed to have rabies, Polk County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Carrie Horstman said. This is the 3rd case of rabies in Polk County for 2015, Horstman said.
The woman who was bitten will seek medical treatment for her injuries and exposure.

Polk郡保安官事務所の広報官Carrie Horstmanによると、動物管理署はキツネの死骸を回収し検査に回したところ、狂犬病陽性と判定された。さらに、2015年に入って今回が3例目の狂犬病発生であるとHorstmanは述べた。

Horstman also encouraged pet owners to be cautious of wild animals and never let their pets near them. Horstman said that if you or your pet is exposed to a wild animal to contact Polk County Animal Control.[Byline: Christal Hayes]


[According to the CDC: Wild animals accounted for 92 percent of reported cases of rabies in 2010. Raccoons continued to be the most frequently reported rabid wildlife species (36.5 percent of all animal cases during 2010), followed by skunks (23.5 percent), bats (23.2 percent), foxes (7.0 percent), and other wild animals, including rodents and lagomorphs (1.8 percent). Reported cases decreased among all wild animals during 2010.