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ProMED翻訳情報(399回) ~フランスで報告されたコウモリからの狂犬病曝露の可能性~




Date: Thu 11 Jun 2015        Source: Sciences Avenir [in French, trans. Corr.SB, edited]



A case of rabies has been confirmed by the Pasteur Institute in a bat found in the town of Chantilly in the Oise [department, France]. The 2persons who handled the animal were quickly directed to the rabies center of Compiegne hospital, the Prefecture. They received preventive treatment, and their condition does not cause concern.



The bat virus is different from that of the dog. Indeed, bat rabies is caused by a [Lyssa] virus from the same family but different from the so-called “vulpine” rabies, mainly affecting the fox. Transmission to other species, including humans, has only been rarely observed in Europe. Since 2001, “vulpine” rabies has been considered to be eradicated in France. The only cases of animal rabies that occurred in recent years are related to illegal imports of dogs from countries where the disease is endemic, as in North Africa. At the end of May 2015, one such alert was issued in the Loire department where an infected dog in Morocco [the dog in question was infected in Algeria, not Morocco – Corr.SB] contaminated up to 20 people.



Regarding the case of the bat, there is no need for concern. But the alert is an opportunity to recall some basic precautionary guidelines, said the Prefecture: Bats are wild and protected animals. It is,therefore, important not to touch them, let alone seek to catch them.

Upon discovery of a wounded or dead specimen, the Department Protecting Populations should be informed. If contact occurs with a bat, particularly a bite or scratch, the wound should immediately be cleansed with soap and rinsed thoroughly before applying a disinfectant. Alert health authorities [and get anti-rabies vaccinations – Corr.SB].

Communicated by:Sabine Zentis      Castleview English Longhorns      Gut Laach      D-52385 Nideggen      Germany




Now that France is free of urban and rural rabies, any new cases are going to be the result of animals or humans exposed abroad, or from domestic infected bats. – Mod.