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ProMED翻訳情報(406回) ~サウスカロライナ州で発生した犬からの狂犬病曝露事例~




Date: 28 Jul 2015     Source: WLTX [edited]


4 people are undergoing rabies treatment after being exposed to a dog that tested positive for the disease. Health officials say the dog bit 2 people and exposed 2 others before it was euthanized. Test results later showed the dog was rabid.




The Department of Health and Environmental Control says the dog was given to an adoption agency in the Irmo area by animal control. The dog was from the Monticello Road area and had signs of healed wounds around its neck. The dog was later placed in foster care in the Gaston area. Other animals that were in contact with the dog have received rabies boosters and placed into quarantine.




DHEC officials say if your pet is bitten, scratched, or licked by a wild or stray animal that it is important to get your pet to a vet immediately. “Time is of the essence,” said DHEC’s Sandra Craig in a news release. “A beloved pet might be saved if treated properly and in a timely manner. This is also important in order to protect the people who come in contact with your pet.” [Byline: Scott Cooke]



DHECの職員は、もしもあなたのペットが野生動物や放浪動物に咬まれたり、引掻かれたり、なめられたりした場合、あなたのペットを迅速に獣医師の診察を受けさせることが大事である、と話している。『時間が最も重要だ』、とDHECのSandra Craig氏は新聞発表で語った。『適切で適時な方法で扱われるなら最愛のペットは守られるだろう。これはまたあなたのペットに触れる人を守ることにおいても重要だ。』



[2014 Laboratory confirmed animal cases 139, 2 in dogs, 12 in cats;



2013 [ditto] 123, 2 dogs, 6 cats;

2013年、 同上123例、うち犬2例、猫6例;


2012 [ditto] 137, 0 dogs, 4 cats;

2012年、 同上137例、うち犬0例、猫4例;


2011 [ditto] 107, 1 dog, 5 cats;

2011年、 同上107例、うち犬1例、猫5例;


2010 [ditto] 106, 4 dogs, 3 cats.


2010年、 同上106例、うち犬4例、猫3例;


The commonest wildlife species affected is raccoons, followed by skunks & foxes, and bats, though I suspect that the latter numbers depend very much on how enthusiastic they are to check bats. Domestic dog & cat vaccination works very successfully in preventing human exposure. Very cost effective.