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ProMED翻訳情報(412回) ~マレーシアで発生したイヌからの複数名の狂犬病曝露事例~


Date: Fri 28 Aug 2015        Source: Bernama [edited]

8 people who were bitten by 4 dogs in Perlis [state] recently werer eported to be in good health despite 2 of the dogs being  confirmed infected with rabies. Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said all victims were given outpatient treatment and those with bite wounds were given rabies vaccine.

Perlis州で4頭の犬に咬まれた8名は今のところ健康状態良好であるが、(咬んだ)犬のうち2頭が狂犬病であることが確定された。保健衛生の理事長であるDatuk Noor 博士Hisham Abdillah は、すべての被害者は外来患者としての処置を受けており、咬まれた傷がある者については狂犬病ワクチンが接種されていると述べた。

The Perlis Health Department (JKN) had also stepped up several preventive measures including opening a Rabies Prevention and Operations Control Room since last Saturday [22 Aug 2015] as well as issuing health alerts to medical practitioners in the state on the detection of dogs infected with rabies, he said in a statement here today [28 Aug 2015]. “At the same time, Perlis JKN has also stockpiled rabies vaccine and intensified the promotion of preventive measures to
residents on the disease,” he said.

Perlis州健康局(JKN)も狂犬病予防と作戦管理室の立ち上げを含むいくつかの予防措置を先週土曜日(2015.8.22)から強化している。同時に狂犬病に感染した犬の検出に関して州の医療専門家に対しても健康警報を発信している、と彼は本日(2015.8.28)のこの記事で述べた。彼は『同時に、Perlis JKNは狂犬病ワクチンを備蓄し、疾病について住民に予防措置を強化した。』と述べた。

Noor Hisham said people living in border areas about 30 kilometres[about 19 miles] from Thailand such as Perlis, Kedah, Perak and Kelantan were advised to take preventive measures to avoid being bitten by dogs or wild animals.

Dr. Noor Hisham は Perlis州、Kedah州、Perak州、Kelantan州などのタイからほぼ30km(約19マイル)の国境地域に住んでいる人に対して犬や野生動物から咬まれることを避ける予防処置を取るようアドバイスしたと述べた。

[Perlis is a very small state in the northwest corner of Malaysia tucked up against the Thai border; see:


So far, so good. The veterinary response was posted earlier; see ProMED-mail post 20150825.3599775. As this canine exposure occurred on 27 Jul 2015, and rabies was confirmed on 4 Aug 2015, the fact that none of the human contacts, vaccinated or not, have demonstrated symptoms means they are probably in the clear.   But the public health response has been slow, i.e. initiated only on 22 Aug 2015. – Mod.MHJ

現在のところうまくいっているが、獣医学的対応は以前の記事にあるので見てください。(ProMED-mail post20150825.3599775. )