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ProMED翻訳情報(416回) ~ロシアで発生したイヌからの狂犬病曝露による人の死亡事例~


Date: Thu 3 Sep 2015      Source: Vladimir News Service [in Russian, trans.BA, edited]

Rabies (human case, lethal) — Russia (Vladimir)
A 6-year-old girl has died of rabies in Sobinsky district of Vladimir region. According to the regional department of Hygiene and Epidemiology Center, the child was bitten by a dog on the street, but she didn’t appeal for medical aid. A month later, the child’s health began to deteriorate. But the parents took her to the hospital only 2 days later, and on [28 Aug 2015] she died. The diagnosis — rabies,viral and bacterial infection, hypertoxic reaction, swelling of the brain.


By now in Sobinsky district there were reported 11 cases of rabies among animals (6 foxes, 2 domestic dogs, 2 wild dogs, 1 cat).


[In Russia in 2013 there were 6 cases of rabies; in 2014, 3. In recent years, the Central and Southern Federal Districts of Russia have been the most disadvantaged territories for rabies. – Corr.BA]

Russiaでは2013年に狂犬病症例が6例あった。;2014年は3例。近年、Russiaの中央と南の連邦地区は狂犬病により最も損害を与えている領域におかれている。(校正者:この数値はヒト狂犬病死亡数と思われる。Rabies Bulletin Europeによると、動物の狂犬病は2013年上半期で1,182例発生している)

[With thanks to our Russian moderator colleagues for this report.Treated promptly along with vaccination, human rabies cases can be successfully prevented in spite of meaningful exposure. As we see regularly in the reports posted, when they are not treated seriously,you die and it is not a comfortable death but nightmarish.