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ProMED翻訳情報(419回) ~モンタナ州で発生したスカンクからの狂犬病曝露~


Date: Fri 18 Sep 2015   Source: Missoulian [edited]

Missoula County placed under rabies quarantine; skunk bit woman
The Montana Department of Livestock has placed Missoula County under a rabies quarantine after an infected skunk bit a woman last Wednesday
[9 Sep 2015].


It is the 1st time in nearly 2 decades that a case of terrestrial –non-bat — rabies has been found in the county. The quarantine was implemented on [14 Sep 2015] and will last 60 days. All dogs, cats and ferrets must have current rabies vaccinations for a minimum of 28 days prior to travel outside the county.


The woman was walking in the Harpers Bridge Road area west of Missoula when she was bitten [9 Sep 2015]. “The skunk that bit her was acting very abnormally and aggressively,” said Missoula County Environmental Health Director Jim Carlson.

 その女性は、咬まれたとき(2015年9月9日)Missoula西部地域のHarpers Bridge Roadを歩いていた。「彼女を咬んだスカンクは、とても異常で攻撃的な行動をしていた。」とMissoula郡環境衛生部長のJim Carlsonは話した。

The next day, a neighbor submitted a skunk for testing that he
captured after it had an encounter with one of his dogs. The results
were positive.


Carlson said officials have no idea whether the skunk that was captured was the same one that bit the woman, so Missoula County Animal Control officials are trying to trap all skunks in the area for testing. “There’s a really good chance that was the one, but we’re not 100 percent (positive),” said Missoula County Animal Control Supervisor Jeff Darrah. “We have some traps out there, but so far we haven’t caught any.”

 Carlsonはこう話した。官吏たちはその捕獲されたスカンクがその女性を咬んだものと同じスカンクなのかどうかわからない、そこで、Missoula郡動物管理事務所員は、その地域のすべてのスカンクを検査のために罠で捕まえようとしている。「それは一つの本当に良い機会であるが、私たちは100%(積極的)ではない。」とMissoula郡動物管理事務所スーパーバイザーのJeff Darrahは、話した。「私たちはその周辺にいくつかの罠を仕掛けたが、しかし、それ以上なにも捕まらなかった。」

Carlson said the bite victim has begun the rabies post-exposure treatment, and notification has been given to area residents. “She is receiving rabies immune globulin plus normal vaccination,” Carlson said. “Ordinarily, when it’s a human or animal being immunized, it
takes about 28 days to build up enough antibodies to be effective. So blood is taken from an animal that has been infected and they concentrate the immune material and give you that so you develop your own immunity. You are using antibodies from somebody or something else.”


Carlson said the victim is doing fairly well, all things considered,and should make a full recovery. [“Recovery” from what? Symptoms had not appeared. I think he means that the vaccination should successfully prevent disease. – Mod.MHJ] “She started the treatment
well within the window of need and there should not be any problems,”he said.

 Carlsonによれば、被害者は概ね健康で、すべてのことが考慮され、全快するだろう。[「回復」って何から?症状は現れていない。彼は、ワクチン接種が病気の発病を首尾良く防ぐだろうということを言いたかったのだろう。- Mod.MHJ]

The Department of Livestock and Animal Control are working together on the management of exposed domesticated animals.


Four privately owned dogs and one colony of 15 to 20 feral cats appear to have been exposed so far. Three of the 4 dogs were past due on rabies vaccinations and will be placed under a 6-month quarantine. “A long quarantine period is inconvenient and can be expensive for the
owner,” said assistant state veterinarian Tahnee Szymanski. “In contrast, currently vaccinated animals only require a booster vaccination and a brief observation period.”

 4頭の個人所有犬と15~20頭の野生化した1集団の猫がこれまでに曝露されたと思われる。4頭のうち3頭の犬は、狂犬病ワクチン接種時期を過ぎており、6ヶ月の検疫下におかれる。「長期間の検疫は、飼い主にとって不便でありまた費用がかかりすぎる。」、と州獣医師補佐のTahnee Szymanskiは話した。「対照的に現在有効なワクチン接種をされた動物は、追加ワクチン接種と短期間の観察のみが要求される。」

The feral cat colony will be live-trapped and euthanized because of the difficulty of managing and quarantining wild or feral populations exposed to rabies. There is also the potential risk to human health and other animals if the spread of rabies is not controlled, Szymanski said.


“This incident highlights the importance of keeping your pet’s rabies vaccinations up-to-date,” Carlson said.


County health regulations require that all dogs, cats and ferrets older than 3 months be vaccinated against rabies and re-vaccinated at appropriate intervals.


Lora O’Connor, executive director of the Humane Society of Western Montana, said that when her shelter 1st received the order, it had to stop people from adopting animals. However, shelter officials spoke with Animal Control and are now allowing adoptions, as long as pets are kept in the county for 60 days. “All of our animals are vaccinated against rabies with the exception of kittens under 3 months of age,” she said. “It’s business as usual as long as they don’t bring them out of the county.”

 西モンタナ州愛護協会の理事長であるLora O’Connorは、彼女のシェルター

Rabies is a fatal viral disease that is spread through the bite of infected mammals. It is nearly 100 percent preventable in domestic animals through the vaccine. A typical series for a dog or cat includes an initial 3-month vaccination, a one-year vaccination and subsequent doses every 3 years.


Historically, rabies in western Montana is seen almost exclusively in bats. The last documented case of non-bat rabies west of the Continental Divide was a single skunk in Missoula County in November 1996. “We always have endemic rabies in the bat population here
because bats are migratory,” Carlson said. “We’ve had situations where people thought they didn’t need vaccinations for their cats because they never leave the house, but then a bat gets in the house. It’s a very serious disease and people need to keep pets vaccinated to
protect their family.”[Byline: David Erickson] 

 歴史的に、西モンタナ州の狂犬病は、通常もっぱらコウモリにみられた。大陸分水嶺西側でコウモリ以外の狂犬病で最後に記録された事例は、1996年11月のMissoula郡における1頭のスカンクのものである。「コウモリが移動性であることから、ここのコウモリ集団のなかにいつも風土病としての狂犬病がある。「 コウモリは家の中へも入ってくるのに、猫は外へ出ていかないので猫には狂犬病ワクチンが必要ではないと考えている人々がいる。」「狂犬病はとても重篤な病気であるので、家族を守るためにペットにワクチンを接種し続けることが必要である。」、とCarlsonは述べた。

[If bat rabies is the most commonly seen, it would be of value for this skunk isolate of rabies virus to be genetically typed to see if it is a simple overflow from bats, or a skunk strain in its own right. –