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ProMED翻訳情報(422回) ~ペンシルベニア州で発生したねこからの狂犬病曝露事例~


Date: Sat 12 Sep 2015   Source: The Daily Review [edited]

On Dietz Road in Wilmot Township, Bradford County, a feral cat was located under a car. The owner went to get inside the car, and the cat jumped out from under the car and bit her on the leg and arm. The owner’s daughter was bitten on the arm while attempting to help her mother. The cat tested positive for rabies at the Pennsylvania Veterinary Laboratory in Harrisburg, PA.

 一匹の野生化した猫が、ブラッドフォード郡にあるWilmot Townshipの、Dietz Roadに停められた車の下にいた。その持ち主が車の中に入ろうとしたとき、その猫は車の下から飛び上がって、彼女の足や腕に咬み付いた。母親を助けようとして、その娘も腕に咬みつかれた。ハリスバーグにあるペンシルバニア州立の獣医学研究室で、その猫は狂犬病陽性と診断された。

There are no confirmed cases of domestic animals that were exposed to the cat. Two people are receiving rabies prophylaxis.


Pennsylvania law requires all dogs and non-feral cats to be vaccinated against rabies within 4 weeks after the date the dog or cat attains 12 weeks of age. Unless otherwise indicated by the directions of the vaccine manufacturer, a booster vaccination shall be administered between 12 and 14 months from the date of the initial vaccination. The animal shall then be subsequently revaccinated on an ongoing basis in accordance with the directions of the vaccine manufacturer. Failure to comply with the law may result in a fine of up to USD 300.


[With post exposure prophylaxis, these people should be fine.


Animal bites should always be reported to the medical authorities and to proper legal authorities if it is a wild or unknown animal. Rabies is almost always fatal. The age of the animal is no indication that an animal may or may not have rabies.


Vaccinating your animals (cats, dogs, horses, show animals) helps build a protective wall between the disease and yourself.


Hopefully, the veterinarians in the community will organize a rabies drive to make people aware of the dangers and to get all pets vaccinated. – Mod.TG