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ProMED翻訳情報(423回) ~ペンシルベニア州における住民への狂犬病予防対策呼びかけ~


Date: Thu 24 Sep 2015   Source: WPXI [edited]

The Allegheny County [Pennsylvania] Health Department is warning residents to stay away from stray animals and wildlife to avoid being exposed to rabies. Officials said a family in Wilmerding was recently potentially exposed to the rabies virus after being scratched by stray kittens.


The 2 kittens, which the family took into their care and had in their home for about 3 weeks, tested positive for rabies.


“Well-intentioned efforts by individuals sometimes can result in unnecessary exposure to pathogens like the rabies virus. Given the events in Wilmerding, we advise residents to stay away from wild or stray animals and if those animals appear to be acting strange or become threatening, call your local animal service control, the police or the Pennsylvania Game Commission,” said Dr. Karen Hacker, health department director.

 「個人による善意の努力がしばしば、狂犬病ウイルスのような病原体への不要な曝露の結果となり得る。Wilmerdingの出来事をうけ、我々は住人に、野生または迷子の動物とは距離を置くことを勧める。そしてもしこれらの動物が、奇妙な行動をしたり、脅かすようになったら、あなたの地方の動物事業管理、警察またはPennsylvania Game委員会へ連絡しなさい。」、と衛生部門理事Karen Hacker博士は述べた。

Any person who is bitten, scratched or exposed to saliva from an animal should immediately clean the affected area, seek medical treatment, and call the Allegheny County Health Department.


In 2015, rabid animals having been reported in Allegheny County include 5 bats, 2 raccoons, 2 stray cats and 2 groundhogs.


“We really discourage people from getting involved with stray animals,” said Sharon Silvestri, chief public health nurse officer for the Infectious Diseases Program.

 「我々は、人々が放浪動物に関与することを本当に反対する。」と感染症プログラム主任保健師のSharon Silvestriは述べた。

Rabies is almost always fatal if the exposed area is left untreated, and while the vaccine [post exposure prophylaxis, given to individuals with known or strongly suspected exposure to rabies – Mod.TG] is highly effective, it is a major expense and inconvenience that officials say can be avoided by not having contact with potentially rabid animals.
そして同時にワクチン(曝露後発症予防は、狂犬病への曝露がはっきりしているか強く疑われる人々に投与される- Mod.TG)は極めて有効ですが、職員の述べるおおきな出費と不自由は狂犬病を疑われる動物と接触しないことにより避けることが出来る。

[Rabies affects almost all mammals, of any size or age.


Our compassionate nature is to take these animals into our care.
Likely these kittens were small, cuddly, and desperate for attention.


Sadly, the mother animal may have already died of rabies, or perhaps deceased in some other fashion that rabies may have contributed to. So we are compassionate people compelled by goodness to help these kittens.


The entire community can help by vaccinating their animals, and caught strays should also be vaccinated. Vaccination for your pets, including horses, show cattle, goats and sheep, is a relatively inexpensive insurance program to protect your pet as well as yourself.


If you are bitten by a stray animal or one acting strangely, wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and seek immediate medical care.If the animal is euthanized and tested for rabies, with a positive result, then post exposure prophylaxis will be necessary. – Mod.TG