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ProMED翻訳情報(426回) ~テキサス州で発生したコウモリからの狂犬病曝露~


Date: Sun 4 Oct 2015    Source: Statesman [edited]

Officials at Texas State University in San Marcos are looking for a student who handled a bat that tested positive for rabies on Friday [2 Oct 2015] night.


The student handled the bat before it was known to have rabies. Rabies can be fatal to humans who have not been vaccinated for the disease. School authorities ask anyone with information about the unidentified student to call Texas State police.


[San Marcos is on Hwy 35 in Hays county between Austin & San Antonio and close to the adjoining counties of Caldwell and Guadalupe. If you access this map and enlarge it slightly, the location of San Marcos is clear.


Every child in Texas is regularly advised and it is drummed into them at school to never handle a sick bat because of the regular occurrence of rabies in Mexican Freetail bats. You can find their colonies almost everywhere, and in cities, people come out at dusk to watch the bats take off in their nocturnal hunt for mosquitoes.

テキサス州のあらゆる子どもたちは、メキシコオヒキ(Mexican Freetail)コウモリにおいて常に狂犬病の発生があるという理由で、体調の悪いコウモリには決して触れないよう、常にアドバイスを受け、学校では繰り返したたき込まれている。たいていどこにでもそれらの群れを発見できるし、市内では住民が夜間に蚊を食べるために飛び立つコウモリを見に暮れに出かける。

If you find a sick bat and want to pick it up, DON’T! But if you must, wear gloves and use a thick clear plastic bag, with your hand in the bag, to grasp it; then invert and seal the bag. How do I know? How do you think I came to have my 1st rabies vaccinations (note plural). And that was with the old vaccine.

もしあなたが体調の悪いコウモリを見つけて拾い上げようと思っても「絶対にしてはならない!」 しかし、そうしなければならない場合にはグローブを着け、厚手の透明なプラスチックの袋を使用して、袋にあなたの手を入れてコウモリをしっかり保持し、ついでその袋を反転させ、袋を密封しなければならない。どうやって知れば良いだろう?私が初回の(複数であることに注意)狂犬病ワクチンを受けに来たことをどう思うだろうか。そしてそれは古いワクチンだったとしたら。

San Marcos is a small university town. Kids talk, and there should be some information on how the bat reached the diagnostic laboratory. But even so, that student needs to start post-exposure treatment and the sooner the better.