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ProMED翻訳情報(428回) ~ジョージア州で発生したコウモリからの幼児の狂犬病曝露事例~


Date: Fri 16 Oct 2015    Source: Breckenridge American [edited]

A 2-year-old Stephens County boy was exposed to rabies when he was bitten by a bat on Saturday near Necessity. According to Dr. Gary Fambro, the Stephens County Rabies Officer, the bat was sent to be tested on Tuesday and the test came back positive on Thursday for rabies.

 ステファンズ郡の2歳の少年が、土曜日にNecessity付近でコウモリに咬まれたことによって狂犬病に暴露された。ステファンズ郡狂犬病事務所のDr. Gary Fambroによると、そのコウモリは火曜日に診断されるために送られ、木曜日に狂犬病陽性と返答された。

Fambro said this is the 2nd case of rabies in Stephens County in a relatively short time. He said the other case was a skunk not too far from that same area.


He said this is the 1st bat case he’s had in quite a few years. “The bat was in the bushes, and the child was out there with his mother and saw something and reached to pick it up, like little kids do and it bit him. Well, we assume it bit him,” Fambro said. Fambro said bat bites are very small and hard to detect. “The bad thing about the bite of a bat is the teeth are so tiny, yet it’s exposure,” he said.


He said the only reason officials know it’s a bite is because 1 of the law enforcement officers at the scene sat the child down and visited with him, and the child told the officer that he was bitten. “He didn’t want to tell his mama he got bitten. That’s normal for a child,” Fambro said.


He said the child will now have to undergo treatment for rabies, which Fambro said, these days, consists of a series of 5 or 6 regular injections. “It’s up to the MD, but we know that’s what will happen,”he said, “The child’s going for medical attention today.”


Fambro said the bat was sick and after it bit the child it lived for less than a day. Fortunately, they were able to catch it and put it in a container. Fambro said having 1 positive bat concerns him because they migrate through, and there could be other sick bats that drop in the area. Fambro said the boy should be fine because they have plenty
of time to give him the vaccine.


He said people need to make sure their pets are vaccinated. “Dogs and cats both, because what’s a cat gonna do if it sees a bat on the ground?” he said.[Byline: Tony Pilkington]


The child was fortunate that the police officer involved was experienced with children. A constant with instances of bat exposure is that frequently people have no memory of a bite. Unfortunately this can be lethal. Sick bats should always be regarded with extreme caution. And cats love to play with sick bats, and as pet cats get up to all sorts of activities out of sight of their owners, make sure your cat is regularly vaccinated.