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ProMED翻訳情報(438回) ~ウエストバージニア州におけるネコからの狂犬病曝露の可能性~



Date: Tue 22 Sep 2015     Source: WTOV9 [edited]

Rabies concerns have pet owners on high alert in Ohio County [West Virginia] after a kitten recently tested positive for the disease. The concern is over where that small cat came from and if there are other kittens — or humans — possibly infected. Health officials say a Good Samaritan took a kitten into the Long Run Hospital she had found on the road. The kitten ended up biting a worker and later dying. Tests now confirm the kitten had rabies.

 最近、子猫が狂犬病陽性と診断されたことにより、オハイオ郡(ウエストバージニア州)のペット飼育者にとって狂犬病の懸念が高まっている。この子猫がどこから来たのか、他にも感染している可能性のある子猫または人がいたのか、という懸念もある。保健局はGood Samaritanのメンバーの一人が路上で子猫を見つけ、ロングラン病院に連れていったとしている。結局、子猫は職員を咬んだのちに死亡した。検査により、子猫は狂犬病であったことが現在確定している。

“We’re trying to find out an individual that brought a small kitten to Long Run Animal Hospital around [28 Aug 2015], and we need to know where they found that animal and if it bit or scratched them,” explained Howard Gamble of the Wheeling-Ohio County Health Department.

 「私たちはこの子猫をロングラン病院に連れていった個人を探し出そうとしています(2015年8月28日頃)。また、私たちはその人がどこで子猫を見つけたのか、その子猫に咬まれたり、引っ掻かれなかったかなどを知る必要があります。」とWheeling-Ohio郡保健局のHoward Gamble氏は述べている。

A bite or scratch from an animal infected with rabies is almost surely fatal to a human or another animal. “This was our 1st in a long time that we have had a domestic animal with rabies,” Gamble said. Gamble says the kitten was being nursed back to health, but was too young for vaccinations. The small cat then bit someone at the clinic and later died. The worker then had to go to the emergency room and a series of post exposure treatments were given


“Any time you have a bite, whether it’s a dog, cat, raccoon, you should go to the ER to get seen and a bite report is made,” Gamble said. “We follow that and make sure the animal is vaccinated and the individual is being treated.” Gamble says they are working to find out where the kitten came from and if other animals have been infected.
They also are encouraging the public to keep up to date on vaccinations.


[One can only be hopeful that the local news in West Virginia will trigger someone coming forward so that they can be treated and vaccinated.]