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ProMED翻訳情報(440回) ~オレゴン州で発生したコウモリからの人の狂犬病曝露の可能性~


Date: Thu 8 Oct 2015    Source: OPB [edited]

3rd Rabies Case Confirmed in Lane County
Another rabies case was reported in Lane County [Oregon] earlier this week [week up to 8 Oct 2015]. A woman was walking on the campus of Lane Community College when she was scratched by a bat. Authorities later found a dead bat on campus that tested positive for the fatal virus.


Jason Davis is with Lane County Health and Human Services. He said this is the 3rd case in Lane County this year [2015]. “When we see that kind of geographic distribution in a very small area it makes us concerned that maybe the entire bat colony has rabies and there could be more interactions.”

 Jason Davis はLane郡保健福祉局に所属している。彼によると、本症例はLane 郡で今年(2015)に入って3例目である。「私たちがとても小さな地域におけるその種(コウモリの)の地理学的分布を見ると、全てのコウモリのコロニーに狂犬病が存在し、より多くの感染機会があるのではないかと懸念されます。」

There have been 12 rabies cases identified in Oregon this year [2015].[Byline: Amanda Peacher]


[There is no knowing if the dead bat was the one that had scratched this woman. But as bats do not like being handled and if healthy will not be lying on the sidewalk, I think we can presume that it came from a bat roost with active rabies cases.


On my last commentary on rabid bats a member took me to task, rightfully, for putting a live bat in a closed plastic bag as it could suffocate. Leave a gap so it can breathe. It will then be fitter when brain sampled.


To find Lane County in Oregon, go to
and look for the 1st “O” in the state title. That is Lane County. The main campus for Lane Community College is in Eugene, which is shown in the map. To date this year (2015), 17 rabid animals have been picked up and sampled, and all but one were bats; the exception was a fox.