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ProMED翻訳情報(445回) ~トルコで発生した犬咬傷による人の狂犬病曝露~




Date: 4 Nov 2015       Source: Hurrivet Daily News [edited]




A neighborhood in the Black Sea province of Samsun has been quarantined following the detection of the rabies virus in a dog that bit a 45 year old woman in Samsun’s Vezirkopru district.



The Food, Agriculture and Livestock Directorate in Vezirkopru quarantined the Yurukcal neighborhood, where the woman was bitten by her dog last week. The rabies virus was detected in the dog, which had been tested in laboratories after its death, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported on 3 Nov 2015. The woman was reportedly taken to hospital and treated after the presence of the virus was detected in the deceased canine.

Vezirkopru地区の食品農業家畜監督官は前の週に女性が飼い犬に咬まれたYurukcal 周囲を検疫下においた。その犬の死後、研究所で検査され、狂犬病ウイルスが検出された、と国営Anadolu Agencyは2015年11月3日に報告した。死亡したイヌでウイルスの存在が確認されたあと、その女性は病院へ運ばれ、治療を受けたと伝えられている。


After the virus was detected, all ovines and cattle in the area were inoculated with the rabies vaccine, and 15 dogs, 12 of which had owners, were euthanized by municipality employees.



Training programs on rabies have been set up for Vezirkopru residents as well as school-aged children after the detection of the virus.



The livestock directorate also stated that ovines would be denied entry to Yurukcal for 3 months and cattle would be denied entry to the neighborhood for 6 months.




[Culling dogs in the face of a case of canine rabies is very successful in persuading owners of dogs to not collaborate with the veterinary and public health personnel. It is far more cost effective to vaccinate all the dogs you can, and get the owners to keep their vaccinated dogs under supervision for the next month in case there is a dog incubating the disease which has not been neutralised by the vaccination. Obviously, the index case got infected by some other animal, and that needs to be tracked down.




Logically, suitable vaccinated sheep and cattle could be granted access to Yurukcal.