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ProMED翻訳情報(449回) ~アリゾナ州で発生したネコからの狂犬病曝露~




Date: Thu 17 Dec 2015      Source: The Daily Courier [edited]



1st rabid cat in over 50 years found in Prescott Valley



A cat hit by a car in the 3200 block of Date Creek on [3 Dec 2015] had rabies, the 1st case of a rabid domestic cat since the 1950s in Yavapai County [Arizona], a sheriff’s spokesman said.

2015年12月3日にDate Creekの3200ブロックで車にはねられた一頭の猫は狂犬病だった。そして(アリゾナ州)ヤヴァパイ郡では1950年代以来初めての狂犬病の飼い猫となったと保安官事務所の広報官は話した。


The cat bit a person who tried to help it after the accident. The man was treated and released at the hospital, Dwight D’Evelyn said. The cat died and an animal control officer took it for rabies testing. On [11 Dec 2015] the results came back positive. Officials informed the bite victim, who received rabies treatment, he said.

その猫は交通事故後、助けようとした住民の一人を咬んだ。その男性は病院で治療を受け解放されたとDwight D’Evelyn氏は語った。その猫は死亡し、動物管理局職員が狂犬病の検査を行った。2015年12月11日に陽性の結果が報告された。当局は狂犬病の処置を受けた、その猫が咬んだ人に(陽性だったという)情報を提供した。


They also informed others who might have been exposed and also quarantined a 2nd cat because it had been in a fight with the infected cat. “It is important to know that rabies is present in this area and that unvaccinated domestic animals can present a danger to humans,” D’Evelyn said. “Also, please remember it is important to report any animal bite so that testing and tracking of the potential rabid animal can be done quickly and proper treatment for the bite victim can be sought.”




For any questions regarding rabies issues, contact the County Animal Control Office.




[The Arizona Department of Health Services reported a total of 27 cases of rabid skunks in 2013-2014 in southern Arizona. This year (2015) to date rabies was diagnosed in 64 bats (51 in Pima County and 3 in Yavapai County), 35 skunks (29 in Santa Cruz County), and in 3 foxes, 2 bobcats, and 2 coyotes (all in Gila County).



At this point and until the virus is typed, we might presume that this cat got infected from playing with a sick bat.