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ProMED翻訳情報(450回) ~カナダにおける狂犬病関係事例(2題)~


[1] Rabid raccoon – Hamilton, ON
Date: 4 Dec 2015       Source: Hamilton Spectator [edited]

At least 4 people are being treated after having direct contact with a rabid raccoon in Hamilton.

It all stems from a fight between 2 bullmastiffs and a raccoon — which later tested positive for rabies — inside a city animal services van.

The owner of the bullmastiffs (named Lexus and Mr. Satan) said she received a call from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) Friday notifying her that the raccoon had rabies.
ブルマスチフ(名前は、Lexus と Mr. Satan)の飼い主は、オンタリオ州の農業食品農事局から金曜日に、そのアライグマが狂犬病だったことを通告する電話を受けたと語った。

2 of the people being treated at this point are the animal services workers, said Ken Leendertse, director of licensing and animal services for the city.
この時点で治療を受けていた2人は市の動物部局職員である、と認可及び動物部局長のKen Leendertseが述べた。

The dog owner said she and her daughter are also going to get the shots because they came in direct contact with the dogs.  The rest of her family — her husband and 2 children, ages 13 and 16 — will go to their family doctor to be assessed to see if they require treatment as well, she said.

Public health said officials don’t believe there is any risk to the general public at this point.

The only people believed to have had direct contact with the sick animal are the workers, the dog owner, and her daughter, said associate medical officer of health Dr. Julie Emili. As of 7:30 p.m. Friday, Emili did not believe health officials had been in contact with those who called about the raccoon, but it’s possible they could be treated as well.
疾病にかかった動物から直接的接触を受けたと考えられる人は、動物部局職員、犬の飼い主とその娘である、健康局準医師監Dr. Julie Emiliは語った。金曜日の午後7:30、Dr.  Emiliは健康局の公務員がこのアライグマに関して連絡した人たちと接触したと考えていないが、彼らは十分な治療を受けることができる。

“It is a serious situation to have a case of rabies in a raccoon,” she said. “It’s unusual.” Animal services picked up the raccoon in Stoney Creek, Emili said.
『アライグマにおける狂犬病の状況は非常に深刻でした』と、彼女は語っている。『普段と違っていました』。動物部局職員はそのアライグマをStoney Creekで収容した、とDr.  Emiliは語った。

In Ontario, there hasn’t been a documented case of rabies in a raccoon for nearly 10 years, Emili added.
オンタリオ州においては最近10年間、アライグマにおける狂犬病例の報告はない、とDr.  Emiliは付け加えた。

The dogs came in contact with the raccoon after they were picked up and placed in crates inside the city van when they were seen running loose in the neighborhood around their Province Street North home.The raccoon was also inside the van and was being transported to the city’s animal shelter to be euthanized, city spokesperson Ann Lamanes previously said.
犬たちはProvince Street Northの自宅付近で放れて走り回っているのを目撃されたところを収容され、市のワゴン車の木枠の中に入れられた後で、アライグマと接触した。そのアライグマもワゴン車の中におり、安楽死させるために市の動物シェルターに運搬中であった。

Jordan, who was there at the time, said Lexus had scratches on his face, a split tongue and bloody marks inside the mouth after breaking free from the cage. Mr. Satan remained in the crate but had gouge marks on his chin and side, she noted. The city has said the
department is reviewing protocols and equipment in vehicles since the incident.
その時そこにいたJordan氏によれば、Lexusはケージから逃げ出した後に顔に引っ掻き傷、舌に裂傷、口腔内に出血斑があったと、述べた。Mr. Satanは木枠内にとどまっていたが、顎先や脇をにえぐられたような跡があったと書き留めた。市は、当局は事故以来運搬車の取扱と装具を再点検していると述べた。

Moving forward, animal services was scheduled to pick up the 2 dogs Friday night to hold them in quarantine for 2 days until next steps are determined.

The owner said her vet advised her the dogs will have to remain in quarantine for 3 to 6 months. She said she does not know if her dogs have been vaccinated against rabies. “To be honest with you, I’ve had so many trips to different vets, I can’t remember.”

She’s going to take the weekend to mull over what she’ll do. She said she’s considering putting the dogs down because of the health risk.”This is devastating for us,” the owner said. “I don’t want to lose them. They’re just like 1 of my kids.”

If anyone believes they had contact with the sick raccoon before it was picked up, they should contact 905-546-2489 after hours or905-546-2424 ext. 3327 during business hours.

Rabies facts
What is rabies?
Rabies is a disease that affects animals nervous systems.

狂犬病ってなに?: 狂犬病は動物の神経組織を犯す病気です。

How can it be passed?
Through a bite or scratch — a break in the skin — from the infected animal.
どのように感染するの?: 感染した動物による咬み傷やひっかき傷――皮膚を傷つけることによって感染します。

How is it treated?
The rabies vaccine usually is given in five needles in the arm over a month.
どのように治療するの?: 狂犬病ワクチンは通常腕に5回、1カ月間を通して接種します。

What are the types of rabies in Ontario?
Fox strain, raccoon strain and bat strain.
オンタリオの狂犬病ウイルスの型は?: キツネ株、アライグマ株、コウモリ株があります。

What are the signs of rabies?
Infected animals could lose their fear of humans, become paralyzed in their hind limbs, salivate, show aggression, isolate themselves, have a drooping head/sagging jaw/abnormal facial expressions and vocalizations as well as bite their own limbs.
狂犬病の兆候は?: 感染した動物は人に対する恐怖心を失い、後肢がマヒし、流涎、攻撃性を示す、自ら孤立する、頭部をだらりと下げる/下顎を落とす/自らの四肢に咬みつくと共に異常な表情と発声をする。

What are some tips from Public Health?
Vaccinate cats and dogs. Supervise pets in areas near wild animals. Don’t treat wild animals as pets. Call Animal Services if you suspect a pet is sick. If a person is bit by an animal they suspect is sick,seek medical attention.

Who to call about sick wildlife?
Contact Public Health Services at 905-546-3570 if it’s believed there is a health risk from the animal.[Byline: Natalie Paddon]
病気の野生動物についてはだれに連絡するの?: もしもその動物から健康危害を受けたと考えられる場合は公衆衛生部局に連絡しなさい。

Communicated by:
David Fisman

[2]Rabies vaccines dropped by air – Hamilton, ON
Date: 8 Dec 2015 Source: CBC.ca [edited]


Last week, officials discovered the first case of raccoon rabies in Ontario in nearly a decade in Hamilton (see previous article, above).Now, the province is dropping vaccine in baits to prevent it from happening again.
Provincial officials are dropping rabies vaccine bait around Hamilton by hand and by helicopter this week after tests confirmed the 1st documented case of raccoon rabies in Ontario in nearly a decade on Fri 4 Dec 2015.

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) is moving quickly to try to contain the spread of the disease. It began by baiting wild animals by hand in the Stoney Creek area Monday. MNR staff are working within a 4-kilometre radius of where rabies was discovered after 2 dogs got into a fight with a rabid raccoon inside an animal control van.

それは月曜日にStoney Creek地域で野生動物に経口投与ワクチンを手作業で散布することから始まった。MNRスタッフは2頭の犬が動物管理のワゴン車の中で狂犬病のアライグマと争った後で狂犬病が見つかった地点から半径4kmの範囲内で作業している。

Officials will also drop aerial baits by helicopter on Wednesday, said Dr. Jessica Hopkins, Hamilton’s associate medical officer of health,at a board of health meeting on Monday.
ハミルトン市の保健副医監Dr. Jessica Hopkins は月曜日の健康会議の席で語った。

The bait packets, which are about the size of a toonie [the Canadian 2-dollar coin], contain vaccine to prevent the spread of rabies,Hopkins said.
ベイトの形状はトゥーニー(カナダの2ドルコイン)程の大きさで、狂犬病の蔓延を防止するためのワクチンを含んでいる、とDr. Hopkins は言った、

“This is really all in an effort to make sure that rabies does not get established in wild animals in Hamilton,” she said.

This is the 1st documented case of rabies in a raccoon in Ontario since 2006, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says.

The ministry drops vaccine in Niagara every year to prevent the spread of rabies over the U.S. border, Hopkins says. The disease is particularly prevalent in skunks, foxes and bats.
当省は毎年、U.S.国境から侵入する狂犬病の拡大を防止するために、Niagaraでワクチンの散布を行っている、とDr. Hopkins は述べている。狂犬病は特にスカンク、キツネ、コウモリに流行している。

After so many years rabies free, news of a new case came as a “bit of a surprise,” said Chris Davies, the Ministry of Natural Resources’manager of wildlife research. “It is very common in the states,”Davies said. “But we need to make sure it doesn’t spread again.”
長年狂犬病フリーのあとで、新たな症例のニュースは「ちょっとした驚き」であると、天然資源省野生動物研究部長Chris Davies は述べた。「狂犬病は合衆国ではごくありふれた病気である。」「しかし、われわれはそれを再度蔓延させない手段を講じる必要がある」とDaviesは述べた。

How did it get here?
So how does a rabid raccoon get to southern Ontario? More than likely,it hitched a ride in a transport truck from the U.S., wildlife control expert Bill Dowd told CBC News. “Raccoons have been known to be great hitchhikers,” said Dowd, the CEO of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.

狂犬病のタヌキはどのようにオンタリオ州南部に到着したのか?有力な可能性としては、U.S.からの輸送トラックにただ乗りしてきたことが考えられる、と野生動物管理専門官であるBill Dowd はCBCニュースに語った。

“We’re breaking new ground here because raccoon rabies had been very successfully contained,” he said. [NB: he said “HAD been,” not “is controlled” ]

The 2 dogs who were exposed to the rabid raccoon in a city animal control van last week have been granted a stay of execution, for now.

Mr. Satan (a dog’s name), shown in a handout photo, was 1 of the 2 bull mastiffs involved in the fight with a raccoon after being picked up by Hamilton animal services. The dogs’ lives were spared over the weekend after the city quarantined them Friday as soon as it
discovered the raccoon they’d scrapped with tested positive for rabies.
パンフレットの写真に載っているMr. Satan(犬の名前)は後にハミルトン市動物部局に収容された後にアライグマとの争いに巻き込まれた2頭のブルマスチフの1頭である。

The owner of the bull mastiffs — named Mr. Satan and Lexus — said she cannot afford to board them in isolation for the recommended 3 months to ensure they are free of rabies.
ブルマスチフ(名前はMr. Satan、Lexus)の飼い主は、彼らが狂犬病でないと証明するために勧められている3か月間の隔離を賄う余裕はない、と言っている。

“I still think the city should pay for boarding,” the owner said,adding that she and her daughter received rabies shots over the weekend. “Otherwise I will have to put them down.”

Last Wednesday, an animal services officer picked up the dogs after they escaped their yard and placed them in cages in a van with the sick raccoon. The raccoon, which was picked up in Stoney Creek, was”very vicious and it was a public safety risk,” according to city spokeswoman Ann Lamanes.
先週の水曜日、動物部局行政官は自宅の庭を抜け出した犬たちを収容し、例の疾病にかかったアライグマを入れたワゴン車のケージに犬たちを入れた。市の報道官 Ann Lamanes によれば、Stoney Creekで収容されたアライグマは「非常に凶暴で、公衆の安全に関わる危険性があった。」

Dogs in quarantine
In a note to councillors, city staff said the dogs are in “strict quarantine” for the time being.

“Because the dogs were not up-to-date with their rabies vaccines,OMAFRA (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs) recommends the animals should be re-vaccinated within 7 days of exposure and stay in quarantine for a 3-month period,” the note to councillors read.

Dowd says residents should be especially careful around any raccoon that is acting strange or aggressive, or doesn’t seem afraid of a nearby human. If you hear noises in your attic or chimney call a professional, he added, because raccoons are seeking winter den sites
right about now, he said.

“If you’re hearing any noises, call a professional to get the [animal]removed,” he said.[Byline: Adam Carter]


Communicated by:
Jamie Rothenburger

[Regardless of the rabies status in an area, animal owners should be responsible and insure their animals are vaccinated against rabies. It is a deadly disease and can be prevented. Having your animals vaccinated puts a barrier between you and the disease.

What an odd situation that the dogs were exposed while in a city truck. It seems carrying dogs and raccoons in the same vehicle is not a wise idea, and the pens in the truck were not sufficient to prevent these animals from fighting and exposing a number of people. So while it is the owner’s responsibly to keep the animals contained in a yard or pen, unusual things can happen. It is likewise the responsibility of the city to maintain pens in trucks in such a fashion as to prevent the type of fighting that seems to have occurred.

So maybe the city will pay the quarantine fee or work out some payment for the owner. Either way the situation is not optimal.

While dropping rabies bait is 1 method of effective wildlife vaccination, it seems the city should be having a rabies drive to insure that domestic pets, including horses, are vaccinated against rabies. Any mammal can acquire this deadly disease, so a rabies drive
seems in order as well as aerial drops of oral vaccine for wildlife.