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ProMED翻訳情報(452回) ~フィリピンで発生した狂犬病による人死亡事例~




Date: Thu 30 Apr 2015   Source: InterAksyon, Philippines News Agency report [edited]



A provincial health official again called on the public to have pets and other animals vaccinated against rabies as the fatal disease claimed its 4th victim in the province, a 6-year-old boy from Lemery town.

州保健局は、Lemery 町の6歳の少年がその州における4人目の患者であると断言する致死的な疾病である狂犬病に対して、ペットとすべての他の動物にワクチンを打つように一般大衆に呼びかけた。


According to Dr Maria Socorro Colmenares-Quinon of the Iloilo Provincial Health Office (IPHO), her surveillance team in Barangay Alemanyana, Lemery found the case suggestive of human rabies because of the signs and symptoms manifested by the boy prior to his death last [27 Apr 2015]. She said the boy was bitten by a stray dog on his right forearm last [24 Feb 2015] and was brought to the Rural Health Unit of the town which later referred him to Sara Animal Bite Treatment Center. Dr Quinon however said the boy failed to undergo further treatment, and on [27 Apr 2015] manifested the symptoms of late stage of rabies infection such as photophobia (abnormal intolerance to light), and fear of water or hydrophobia. The boy died at around 7 p.m.

Iloilo Provincial Health Office (IPHO)の Dr Maria Socorro Colmenares-Quinonによると、Barangay Alemanyana, Lemeryの彼女のサーベイランスチームが、先の(2015年4月27日)死亡前に少年に現れていた徴候や症状から狂犬病を思わせる症例を見つけた。彼女は、その少年は右の前腕を先に(2015年2月24日)野犬に咬まれ、その街のthe Rural Health Unitへ運ばれた後に彼をSara Animal Bite Treatment Center に差し向けたと言った。しかしながらDr Quinonは、少年はさらなる治療を受けることをせず、[2015年4月27日]にまぶしがり (光に対する異常な不寛容)と水への恐怖あるいは恐水症状などの狂犬病の最終ステージの症状を呈したと言った。その少年は午後7時ごろに死亡した。


The 1st 3 human rabies deaths in the province were from the towns of Carles, San Dionisio, and San Rafael. The victims either failed to get or complete the needed treatment.

その州における最初の3人の狂犬病の死亡はCarles, San Dionisio, そして San Rafaelの町からであった。被害者は、必要な治療を受けた人も受けていなかった人も両方含まれる。


In 2014, the health official said only 2 rabies deaths were reported.



With this development, Dr Quinon said there is a need to heighten public awareness against rabies, especially during summer when children especially play outdoors and people tend to go out. She also called for the convening of the Municipal Rabies Coordinating Council headed by the Lemery mayor so that they can come up with plans on how to prevent the incidence of rabies in the town.

この展開を受けて、Dr Quinonは、特に子供が外で遊んだり人々が外出したがる夏の間、狂犬病に対する国民の認識を高める必要性があると言った。彼女はまた、Lemery 市長が統括するthe Municipal Rabies Coordinating Council(市の狂犬病調整委員会)の招集を訴えた。そうすれば彼らは町における狂犬病の発生を予防するための方法を審議することが出来るからである。


She said the boy’s parents may also be given pre- or post-prophylaxis due to their exposure to rabies.


[Rabies is a severe problem in the Philippines, with 199 human deaths in 2013 and 202 in 2011, and with virtually all provinces with animal cases.

There is an active rabies control programme and as it succeeds with more public awareness, we can expect to see a contradictory increase in reporting. However until canine rabies is rare in the Philippines, there is the additional problem, characterised by this tragic case,that people exposed to rabid dogs must complete their post-exposure treatment.