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ProMED翻訳情報(173回) ~ガーナにおける狂犬病予防対策の頓挫~



Date: Wed 12 Jun 2013
Source: Ghana Business News, Ghana News Agency (GNA) [edited]
<http://www.ghanabusinessnews.com/2013/06/12/rabies-outbreak-kills-two-in-br ong-ahafo/>

A total of 2 people died from a rabies outbreak in the Asunafo North and Asunafo South Districts in the Brong-Ahafo Region between February and April this year [2013]. Dr Kenneth Gbeddy, Brong-Ahafo regional director of veterinary service, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Sunyani on Wednesday [12 Jun 2013], said the 2 people, a man and a woman, were the victims, but did not disclose their districts.
He said veterinary officers were undertaking vaccination exercises to bring the situation under control, adding that last year [2012], 2 people also died from rabies in the Tano North District and Tano South District of the Region.

狂犬病の流行によりBrong-Ahafo 地方のAsunafo北地区及びAsunafo南地区において今年(2013)2月から4月の期間で計2名が死亡した。Brong-Ahafo 地域獣医療事務所の所長であるKenneth Gbeddy博士は、水曜(2013年1月12日)Sunyaniのガーナニュース機関のインタビューの中でこう話している。犠牲になった2人は男性と女性で在住市民であった。しかし彼らの地域を公表しなかった。彼は、獣医師職員が制御下の状況にするためにワクチン接種を実施中である。それに加えて昨年その地域のTano北地区及びTano南地区の2名の人が狂犬病により死亡していた。

Dr Gbeddy pointed out that the service was concerned about the rabies outbreak because it could infect all mammals, including dogs, cats,horses and cattle, when they come in contact with infected wildlife.
He appealed to the general public to ensure their pets, especially dogs and cats, were vaccinated annually against the disease to avert any future occurrences. The regional director of the veterinary services advised people who are bitten by dogs or cats to rush to the nearest hospital for vaccination and careful examination to save their
lives, and explained that the 2 people died because they reported to the hospital late.


Dr Gbeddy said dogs and other animals suspected to have rabies should not be killed, but must be chained by the owner for 2 weeks to be monitored, because dogs infected with rabies would die 10 days after biting a person. He said after the dog had died, the person bitten should be vaccinated against rabies, since any delay could cause the
person’s [death].

Dr Gbeddyは、犬及び他の動物が狂犬病である疑いがあったら殺すべきではない、そして観察のために飼主により2週間係留させなければならない。なぜなら、狂犬病の犬は人を咬んで10日後には死亡するからである。犬が死亡した後に咬まれた人が抗狂犬病ワクチンを接種されるべきであるが、いかなる遅れも人の死を招くであろう,と話した。

Dr Gbeddy stated that veterinary sponsored programmes by the Municipal and District Assemblies had stopped due to lack of funds and were no longer undertaking surveillance or monitoring in rural areas to vaccinate animals free of charge. He pointed out that stray dogs in the communities were dangerous and should be captured and killed under the assemblies’ bylaws, and noted that people were dying because of non-enforcement of the bylaws.

Dr Gbeddyは、地方自治体及び地域会議による獣医療が後援する計画が資金難の結果頓挫し、もはや、動物への無料ワクチン接種に対する田舎での疫学調査や監視を行うことが出来ない、と述べた。彼は、地域社会における野良犬は危険であり、議会の条例の下に捕獲して屠殺するべきである、と指摘した。そして、あの人たちは法の不執行のために命を落としたのであると言及した。

Dr Gbeddy mentioned that aggressive dogs, dogs hiding in dark places,dogs that bite any animal on sight, dripping of saliva from the mouth and sudden change of barking were some of the signs of dogs being infected with rabies. He asked the general public to report such sudden changes in their dogs to the veterinary personnel in order to
eliminate them from the communities, since their presence was a threat to human life. Dr Gbeddy noted that dogs and cats were human friends and needed to be cared for to make their stay in the communities comfortable.

Dr Gbeddyは、狂暴な犬、暗い場所に隠れる犬、どんな動物にも即座に咬みつく犬、口より唾液を垂れ流している、そして突然吠え声が変わることは、犬が狂犬病に感染した症状のいくつかであると言及した。彼は、狂犬病の犬がいると人の命を危険に陥れるので、地域社会からそれらを排除するために、一般市民に飼い犬のそのような突然の変化を獣医療職員に報告するように依頼した。Dr Gbeddyは、犬や猫は人の友人であり、社会において気持ち良く彼らを住まわせるためには世話をすることが必要である。と言及した。

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[Rabies remains a persistent problem in Ghana despite good surveillance and education programmes. However, the cessation of surveillance and monitoring in rural areas due to a lack of funding is an unwelcome development.


The Brong-Ahafo Region is located in the south of Ghana. It is bordered to the north by the Black Volta River; to the east by Lake Volta; to the south by the Ashanti Region; and to the west by the Ivory Coast’s eastern border. Its capital is Sunyani. A map showing the locations of the Asunafo North and Asunafo South Districts can be accessed at <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Brong_Ahafo_districts.png>, and the HealthMap/ProMED-mail interactive map of Ghana and the Brong-Ahafo Region is at <http://healthmap.org/r/2J3y>. – Mod.CP]

Brong-Ahafo地域は、ガーナ南部に位置している。Black Volta川が北の境界、Volta湖が東の境界、Ashanti地域が南の境界、そして西の境界は象牙海岸東部である。その首都はSunyaniです。Asunafo北地区とAsunafo南地区の位置を示す地図は下記のURLにアクセスしてみることができる。