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ProMED翻訳情報(179回) ~ロシアにおける狂犬病の犠牲者~


Date: 27 Jun 2013
Source: 8 Vosmoi Kanal [in Russian, machine trans. edited] <http://8tv.ru/?id=12&hotnews=26334>

The Sverdlovsk region has recorded its 1st rabies death in 40 years.
The victim of the disease was a resident of the Beloyar district of the Sverdlovsk region.

This is the 1st fatal human case of rabies in the region for more than 40 years. The victim lived in Oktyabrsky village and had been bitten during the spring of the year [2013]. The victim was a local woman,but the identity of the animal responsible has not been established.

Eventually, it was established by laboratory diagnostics that the woman had contracted rabies. The victim eventually developed classical symptoms of rabies virus infection and did not recover.

As a consequence of this fatal case of rabies, an Emergency Commission was convened to investigate the situation and make recommendations for the prevention of rabies in the region. The Emergency Commission established that during the past year [2012], almost 13 000 people in the region had suffered animal bites, but no [more] than 78 percent of these people had sought medical treatment.

Communicated by: ProMED-RUS <promed@promedmail.org>

[The Sverdlovsk Region is a federal subject (an oblast) of Russia,located in the Urals Federal District. Its administrative center is the city of Yekaterinburg, formerly known as Sverdlovsk, population 4297 747 (2010 census). Most of the oblast is spread over the eastern slopes of the Middle and North Urals and the Western Siberian Plain.Only in the southwest does the oblast stretch onto the western slopes of the Ural Mountains.
Sverdlovsk地域は、ウラル連邦管区に位置する、Russiaの連邦対象(州)である。その行政の中心は, 人口は4,297,747 (2010 国勢調査)で、以前Sverdlovsk として知られたYekaterinburg市である。州のほとんどは中央と北ウラルの東側斜面と西シベリア平地に広がる。南西においてのみ、州は、ウラル山脈の西斜面へ伸びる。

This report leaves many questions unanswered, in particular the extent of rabies virus infection in livestock and domestic dogs. The availability of emergency treatment, according to this report, seems to be inadequate.

In the past, rabies seems to have been widespread in the Sverdlovsk Region. Previously, it was reported in ProMED-mail that: “During January 2005, 25 rabies cases were recorded in wildlife, 3 in stray dogs, and 2 in farm animals. 12 people were bitten; the total number of exposed people was 30. The situation was associated with the active migration of wild animals, especially foxes, from the neighboring infected regions of Bashkiriya, Kurgansk, and Chelyabinsk.”
過去に狂犬病は、Sverdlovsk地域において広範にわたっていたようだ。以前に、以下のようにProMED-mailで報告された:「2005年1月の間に、狂犬病は野生動物で25例、放浪犬で3例、家畜で2例が記録された。12人の人々が噛まれた。:曝露された人々の合計は30人であった。この状況は、近隣の、Bashkiriya, Kurgansk, とChelyabinskの疾病流行地からの野生動物、特に狐の活発な移動と関連している。」