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ProMED翻訳情報(184回) ~台湾におけるイタチアナグマからの人の暴露(7月30日)~




Date: Tue 30 Jul 2013

Source: Focus Taiwan, Central News Agency (CNA) report [edited]





The Council of Agriculture said on Tuesday [30 Jul 2013] that 2 more wild Formosan ferret-badgers have been reported to be infected with rabies, taking the number of confirmed rabies cases in Taiwan to 14 since an outbreak was reported in mid-July [2013].



The 2 new cases were detected in Nantou County’s Renai township and Kaohsiung City’s Meinong district, the council stated.



As of 29 Jul 2013, a total of 52 wild carnivorous animals had been tested for rabies and 14 were reported positive, it noted.



All of the 14 cases involved Formosan ferret-badgers from the mountainous areas, with 7 cases reported in Nantou County, one each in Yunlin County, Taichung City, and Tainan City, and 2 each in Kaohsiung City and Taitung County, according to the council.

審議会によれば、 14症例の全てが山間地域におけるタイワンイタチアナグマが関与しており、その内訳は南投県から7例、雲林県、台中県および台南市で各1例ずつ、(そして)高雄市および台東県で各2例ずつである。

[Byline: Lin Hui-chun and Y.F. Low]


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[The 2 cases, described above, have been reported to the OIE in follow-up report No 3 by Chinese Taipei (OIE terminology for Taiwan) submitted Tue 30 Jul 2013. The report includes the following epidemiological comments: “One wild ferret-badger was found in Meinong Dist. of Kaohsiung City on 28 July 2013 and the other one wild ferret-badger which bit a person was captured in Ren’ai Township of Nantou County on 27 Jul 2013. These 2 wild ferret-badgers were sent to the Animal Health Research Institute (National Laboratory). The National Laboratory confirmed positive result of rabies by direct fluorescent antibody test on 29 Jul 2013. Intensified vaccination activities targeted at dogs and cats were conducted on the areas where these 2 wild animals were found, and the monitoring is ongoing.”

上述したその2症例は、Chinese Taipei(台湾に対するOIE用語)により2013年7月30日(火)に投稿された続報No3でOIEに報告された。その報告は、次の疫学的コメントを含んでいる。「1頭の野生イタチアナグマが2013年7月28日に高雄市の美濃区で発見された。そして人を咬んだもう1頭の野生イタチアナグマは、2013年7月27日に南投県の仁愛郷で捕獲された。これらの2頭の野生イタチアナグマは、動物衛生研究所(国立研究所)に送付された。国立研究所は、2013年7月29日に直接蛍光抗体法により狂犬病検査陽性であることを確認した。犬と猫を対象にしたワクチン接種活動がこれら2頭の野生動物が発見された地域で強化され、監視が継続している。


The said follow-up report includes an interactive map, showing the locations of all 14 rabid ferret-badgers recorded thus far in Taiwan(zoom in). Their apparent spread over large parts of the island does not seem to support the assumption of a very recent virus

introduction. The report and the map are available at



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