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ProMED翻訳情報(192回) ~台湾における狂犬病再興(8月12日)~



狂犬病 – 台湾(11) : イタチアナグマ、さらに多くの症例


Date: Mon 12 Aug 2013

Source: Focus Taiwan News Channel, CNA report [edited]



Another Formosan ferret-badger has tested positive for rabies, bringing the number of confirmed infections in wild animals to 78 since the deadly disease resurfaced in Taiwan in mid-July 2013 after 52 years, the authorities said on Monday [12 Aug 2013].



The new infection was found in Beinan, Taitung County, according to the Central Epidemic Command Center for Rabies. This is the 1st time since the reemergence of the disease that a case has been confirmed in the eastern Taiwan township, the center said. The Council of Agriculture will provide an additional 1000 vaccine doses for animals [dogs and ?], especially in areas where new rabies cases have been detected, the center added.



As of 11 Aug 2013, some 259 wild carnivorous animals in Taiwan had been tested for rabies. With the exception of one Asian house shrew, all of the confirmed rabies cases have been wild Formosan ferret-badgers, the center said. The disease has been found across 39 townships or districts in 8 counties and cities in central, southern and eastern Taiwan. To date, there have been no human infections of rabies, which is nearly always fatal after the 1st symptoms appear.



Rabies can be effectively contained as long as more than 70 per cent of domestic dogs and cats have been vaccinated against the deadly disease, the epidemic command center said, citing the experience of other countries.



Even though Taiwan has not recorded any infections in domestic dogs or cats so far, owners should help prevent the spread of the disease by protecting their pets from contact with wild animals and making sure the pets are vaccinated against the lethal virus, the center said.

たとえ台湾が国内のイヌやネコにこれまでいかなる感染の記録が無いにしても、飼い主は彼らのペットを野生動物との接触から保護し、致死的な病気に対する予防接種を必ず受けさせることによって、病気の蔓延防止に協力しなければならない、とセンターは言った。  [byline: Lin Hui-chun and Sofia Wu]

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[Since the last count posted on Fri 9 Aug 2013, the number of confirmed cases of rabies in wild Formosan ferret-badgers in Taiwan has risen from 63 to 78. Rabies infected ferret-badgers have now been found throughout Taiwan with the exception of some western counties. According to this report, some 259 wild carnivorous animals in Taiwan had been tested for rabies. It would be interesting to have more detailed analysis of this surveillance operation to determine why this outbreak appears to be restricted to Formosan ferret-badgers.




Until there is some more detailed analysis of the situation, ProMED-mail will cease providing updates of case numbers. – Mod.CP

A HealthMap/ProMED-mail map can be accessed at: http://healthmap.org/r/1ob5.]