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ProMED翻訳情報(197回) ~アメリカの人暴露事例(3件)~




In this update:

[1] Kentucky: bat, human exposure

[2] North Carolina: feline, human exposure

[3] North Carolina: feline, canine, human exposure


(1)  ケンタッキー州、コウモリ、ヒト暴露事例

(2)  ノースキャロライナ州 ネコ、ヒト暴露事例

(3)  ノースキャロライナ州 イヌ、ヒト暴露事例



[1] Kentucky: bat, human exposure

Date: 9 Aug 2013

Source: The Republic, via The Associated Press [edited] http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/90913d3c081e4a78a353d87b86337ad7/KY–R


(1)  ケンタッキー州 コウモリ、ヒト暴露事例


情報源:The Republic, via The Associated Press(編集済み)


Health officials in Louisville have found 9 children needing treatment for exposure to rabies after a bat was confirmed to have the deadly disease. The Department of Public Health and Wellness says its employees went door to door in a southern Louisville housing complex Friday [9 Aug 2013] and identified the children. Anyone who may know of others who might have been in contact with the bat earlier this month [August 2013] should contact officials at (502) 574-6675 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT weekdays or (502) 574-8200 after hours and over the weekend. Officials say children carried the bat in a box, and others may have been playing with or near the bat. Rabies is fatal once symptoms develop, and health officials say it’s important they quickly treat those who have been in contact with the animal.



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[2] North Carolina: feline, human exposure

Date: 14 Aug 2013

Source: News & Record [edited]

(2)  ノースキャロライナ州 ネコ、ヒト暴露事例


情報源:News & Record(編集済み)




Guilford County health officials have confirmed the 15th case of rabies this year [2013] in a cat found on Drake Road in Greensboro, according to a news release. The cat, which had kittens, bit one person, according to the release from the Guilford County Department of Public Health. Health officials warn residents not to handle, assist or rescue any animals, particularly young kittens. Authorities have set traps in an attempt to capture the kittens.



Rabies continues to circulate within the area’s wildlife population, the release states. Stray animals, animals acting strangely, or exposures to sick animals should be reported to animal control at (336) 641-5990 in Greensboro or (336) 883-3224 in High Point.


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[3] North Carolina: feline, canine, human exposure

Date: 16 Aug 2013

Source: Robesonian.com [edited]

(3)  ノースキャロライナ州 イヌ、ヒト暴露事例






A cat has become the 13th animal in Robeson County in less than a year to test positive for rabies, and an Orrum woman who had contact with the animal is undergoing treatment for the killer disease. According to Bill Smith, the county’s Health Department director, the woman on Tuesday [13 Aug 2013] was feeding a cat that was hanging around her house when she was bitten. Later in the day, infection set in, and she sought medical attention. On Wednesday, Smith said, the cat was still hanging around the woman’s house and attacked a 4-month old puppy. A county Animal Control officer was called; the cat was captured, and the puppy was taken to a veterinary hospital.



“On Thursday [15 Aug 2013], the cat tested positive for rabies, and the woman started medical treatment,” Smith said. “The puppy is unvaccinated, so it may have to be euthanized.” To help slow the spread of the fatal disease and protect area residents, 11 veterinarians from the county’s 6 veterinary hospitals will hold special rabies clinics from 26-30 Aug 2013. The clinics will be held at each of the county’s 32 fire departments for a single day.



The clinics, sponsored by the Robeson County Veterinary Medical Association in cooperation with several county organizations and interested individuals, will cost pet owners USD 5.00 for each animal vaccinated, said Dr. David Brooks, a veterinarian from Pembroke. Other sponsors are paying the remaining USD 3.00 that it costs to vaccinate each animal.


“We’re taking this (rabies vaccine) to the community,” Brooks said. “But it’s up to pet owners to show they are concerned enough about the dangers of rabies to come out and get the vaccinations done.”



There are several upcoming days where rabies clinics will be held from 5:30-7:30 PM. The rabies clinics will be held at the fire departments. Since November [2012], rabies cases have been reported in Lumberton, Lumber Bridge, Orrum, Parkton, St. Pauls, Red Springs and Rowland. The virus is transmitted by infected animals and humans, with symptoms including fever, headache, delirium and insomnia. In animals, signs also include foaming at the mouth, and aggressive or withdrawn behavior.



Although rabies has an incubation period, it is considered fatal once the virus reaches the brain. Under state law, all dogs, cats and ferrets older than 4 months must be vaccinated for rabies. Local veterinarians are also recommending that horses be vaccinated.



Those animals that are considered most vulnerable to contracting rabies are raccoons, skunks, foxes, bats, dogs and cats. The Orrum woman is the second to begin treatment for the disease. Smith said earlier this week that another Robeson County woman who thought she might have had contact with a rabid animal began taking the shots.


[Byline: Bob Shiles]


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[Any time rabies is diagnosed in your area, please be sure your pet’s vaccinations are up-to-date. You may save your pet’s life or even your own.

– Mod.TG]