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ProMED翻訳情報(198回) ~台湾における狂犬病発生状況報告(8月18日)~




Date: Sun 18 Aug 2013

Source: The China Post [edited]




The Central Epidemic Command Center for Rabies yesterday [Sat 17 Aug 2013] announced an additional 4 confirmed cases of rabies found in wild ferret-badgers, adding Tainan’s Zuojhen District and Pingtung’s Wutai Township to the list of locations where the disease has spread.

As of Fri 16 Aug 2013, the Animal Health Research Institute inspected a total of 356 wild carnivores. Excluding 87 ferret-badgers, the others all tested negative for rabies.


狂犬病中央伝染病指令センター(Central Epidemic Command Center for Rabies)は昨日(2013年8月17日:土)、新たに4件の狂犬病の事例が野生のイタチアナグマで見つかったと発表し、台南市左鎮区および屏東県霧台郷を(狂犬病の)発生地域に付け加えた。2013年8月16日(金)現在、動物衛生研究所は総計356検体の野生肉食動物を検査している。87検体のイタチアナグマを除き、他はすべて狂犬病陰性であった。


The confirmed cases of rabies were found in wild ferret-badgers spread out across 9 counties and cities, including 42 townships and villages.

The Center inspected 36 animals on Friday [16 Aug 2013] and found that

4 ferret-badgers, from Taichung’s Heping District, Tainan’s Zuojhen District, Pingtung’s Wutai Township, and Taitung’s Beinan Township, had contracted rabies. The remaining 32 all tested negative for the disease.




The Center said that the local animal disease prevention authorities in Tainan and Pingtung have stepped up their efforts to vaccinate cats and dogs in the mountainous areas. According to local reports, the government has so far received 2517 applications for rabies vaccinations against animal bites and scratches. Of the more than 2000 applications, 1755 have been approved.




[Byline: Adam Tyrsett Kuo]


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[From this new report it can be gleaned that confirmed cases of rabies have been found in wild ferret-badgers spread in 9 counties and cities, including 42 townships and villages. Of the 36 ferret-badgers tested in the current report only 4 were positive and the remaining 32 were negative. Overall, a total of 356 wild carnivores have been tested and none, other than 87 ferret-badgers, tested positive.

Information regarding the genetic characterisation of the ferret-badger rabies virus is still awaited. – Mod.CP