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ProMED翻訳情報(200回) ~台湾における狂犬病再興(9月5日)~




Date: Thu 5 Sep 2013

Source: China Post [edited]



On Tuesday [3 Sep 2013], 2 ferret-badgers tested positive for rabies, bringing the total number of confirmed infections to 112 wild animals since the deadly disease resurfaced in mid-July [2013] after an apparent absence of 52 years. The Central Epidemic Command Center for Rabies on Wednesday [4 Sep 2013] announced the 2 newly confirmed infections, which come from Zuozhen District in the southern city of Tainan and Beinan Township in the eastern Taitung County. Including the 2 new cases, rabies-infected animals have been  found across 47 administrative divisions of 9 counties and cities in central, southern  and eastern Taiwan.



As of 3 Sep [2013], a total of 490 wild carnivores had been tested for the disease, according to the command center. Of the 112 confirmed rabies infections, only one was an infected  Asian house shrew, while all of the rest have been ferret badgers.



Officials notified the World Organization for Animal Health about the rabies outbreak among the ferret-badgers on [17 Jul 2013], putting Taiwan back on the map of rabies-afflicted countries — a status [with which] it had not been labeled with since 1961.



Though Taiwan has not recorded any infections in dogs or cats so far, the command center urged owners to keep their pets away from wild animals and ensure their vaccines are up-to-date to help prevent the virus from spreading further.—



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[The ferret-badger (_Melogale moschata_) rabies outbreak continues to slowly march along in Taiwan. Since control of rabies in this free-living, wild mammal population is difficult, owners of dogs and cats are well advised to be sure that their animals are vaccinated.