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ProMED翻訳情報(217回) ~中国における狂犬病の人の経口感染を疑う事例~




Date: Wed 25 Sep 2013

Source: Beijing Cream [edited]




Man Ingests Rabies, Dies After Refusing Treatment



Rabies is a 3rd-world problem: it’s treatable as long as you have money and access to the proper medical care. (95 percent of human deaths are in Asia and Africa, according to the World Health Organization.) In Jiangsu province, a father chose — out of monetary reasons — to not seek treatment after sucking blood out of a dog bite on his son, and is dead as a result.


The Shanghai Daily reported that the victim’s son was taken to hospital and received rabies vaccine shots after his father, a 41-year-old man, tried to remove any infection he may have been exposed to by sucking blood from the bite. The boy had been bitten by a stray dog. The father, a villager of Sitong County, was worried about the cost and didn’t get the same shots. Fellow villagers said he also thought it unlikely that people would be infected by the rabies virus through the mouth and he thought taking shots too troublesome.


China has the 2nd highest mortality rate from rabies in the world, behind India — about 2000 deaths per year. It’s why authorities, especially in rural villages, occasionally “crack down” on dogs — it’s easier than vaccinating everyone, unfortunately.


[Byline: Anthony Tao]

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[This is a truly tragic tale. It is likely that the gallant, but unfortunate, father had some minor lesion in his mouth, or lesions in his intestinal tract, since rabies virus would not pass through unbroken skin. The general provision of post exposure vaccination for a rural population would be desirable but probably impractical in terms of both expense and insufficient availability of human vaccine.

Control of canine rabies remains the only feasible option for protection of the human population, by whatever means is available.