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ProMED翻訳情報(222回) ~OIE報告(台湾・10月23日)~



狂犬病 – 台湾(22) : イタチアナグマ、最新、OIE


Date: Wed 23 Oct 2013

Source: OIE, WAHID (World Animal Health Information Database), reports archive [summ., edited] <http://www.oie.int/wahis_2/temp/reports/en_fup_0000014289_20131023_172122.pdf>



Rabies, Chinese Taipei. Follow-up report 37: 23 Oct 2013

狂犬病、台湾 続報37 : 2013年10月23日


Name of sender of the report: Dr Ping-Cheng Yang, director, Animal Technology Institute Taiwan, Council of Agriculture, Taiwan, Chinese Taipei

報告書の送り主の名前 : 台湾農業委員会、動物技術研究所、所長Ping-Cheng Yang博士


Date of report and its submission to OIE: 23 Oct 2013

OIEへの報告書とその提出の日付: 2013年10月23日

Date of start of the event: 23 May 2012

事象開始日 : 2012年5月23日

Date of pre-confirmation of the event: 24 Jun 2013

事象確定前の日付 : 2013年6月24日

Date of last occurrence: 8 Mar 1959

最後の発生の日付 : 1959年3月8日

Disease: rabies

疾病 : 狂犬病

Causal agent: _Lyssavirus_

病因 : リッサウイルス

Serotype(s): RABV

血清型 : 狂犬病ウイルス

Clinical signs: yes

臨床症状 : 有り

Diagnosis: laboratory (basic), laboratory (advanced)

診断 : 実験室(基礎)、実験室(先進的)


Outbreak summary [covering the entire event since its start; for the details in follow-up 37, see comment]:

Total outbreaks: 197 (submitted)



Species / Cases / Deaths / Destroyed

1. Chinese ferret-badger / 198 / 196 / 1

2. Asian house shrew / 1 / 1 / 0

3. Dogs / 1 / 0 / 1

種/ 症例数/ 死亡数/ 殺処分数

  1. 中国イタチアナグマ/ 198/ 196 / 1
  2. アジアイエトガリネズミ/ 1/ 1/ 0
  3. イヌ/ 1/ 0/ 1




Epidemiological comments: the Animal Health Research Institute (National laboratory) has confirmed rabies virus infection by direct fluorescent antibody test in 19 ferret-badgers which were found in Kaohsiung City, Nantou County, Yunlin County, Pintung County, and Taitung County.

疫学的コメント : 動物衛生研究所(国立研究所)は、高雄市、南投県、雲林県、屏東県、台東県で見つけられた19頭のイタチアナグマにおいて、直接蛍光抗体法により狂犬病ウイルス感染を確認した。


The prefectural competent authorities have been conducting the intensified vaccination activities targeted at dogs and cats on the areas where infected ferret-badgers were found. The monitoring is ongoing.



Source of the outbreak(s) or origin of infection: unknown or inconclusive



Measures applied: quarantine, screening, vaccination in response to the outbreak(s)


Measures to be applied: no planned control measures



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[The summary above includes a map showing all outbreaks reported since the initial diagnosis of this unusual event. The 1st samples had been collected about a year earlier. Fortunately, so far this epizootic seems rather restricted to wildlife (Chinese ferret-badgers), with minimal human exposure, while mass vaccinations of susceptible domestic animals are meant to prevent spill-over.



Follow-up report 37 addressed a total of 18 new outbreaks (19 cases), all in ferret-badgers. For details and an interactive map, see