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ProMED翻訳情報(234回) ~アメリカにおけるネコからの狂犬病暴露事例(2題)~


狂犬病 続報- 北部アメリカ
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[1] South Carolina: feline, human exposure
[2] Georgia: feline, human exposure
1) サウスカロライナ州:猫、人曝露
2) ジョージア州:猫、人曝露
[1] South Carolina: feline, human exposure
Date: Fri 3 Jan 2014
Source: FOX Carolina [edited]

An Oconee County woman is under a physician’s care after being exposed to rabies in the Seneca area by a cat that tested positive for the disease, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control announced Friday [3 Jan 2014].

Health officials recommend that people avoid wild animals acting tame and tame animals acting wild to reduce their risk of being exposed to the disease.

Officials said state law requires pet owners to have their pets regularly vaccinated against the disease. They said this is the 5th cat from South Carolina with rabies this year [2013], and 2 dogs in the state have also been exposed.
Officials said there were 137 confirmed cases of animal rabies during 2012 in South Carolina and 123 confirmed cases in animals statewide in 2013. This animal was the 3rd to test positive in 2013 from Oconee County.
担当者によるとサウスカロライナでは2012年に137の動物の狂犬病確定診断例があり、2013年には州全体で123の確定診断例があった。今回の動物はオコニー郡において2013 年に陽性診断された3頭目である。

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[2] Georgia: feline, human exposure
Date: Tue 31 Dec 2013
Source: WTVC NewsChannel 9

Environmental Health officials announced Tuesday [31 Dec 2013] that on Christmas Eve [24 Dec 2013] a stray cat bit and scratched 2 persons who live in the 5700 block of Old Federal Road South, Chatsworth.
環境保健担当者は、火曜日(2013年12月31日)にクリスマスイブ(2013年12月24日)に一頭の野良猫がChatsworthのOld Federal Road South 5700ブロックに住む2名の住民を咬み、引っ掻いたと発表した。

One of the persons bitten took the cat to Murray County Animal Control where Jason Osgatharp, environmental health county manager, made the determination to have the cat tested because it exhibited abnormal behavior.
咬まれたうちの一人がその猫をMurray郡動物管理に持ち込み、そこの環境保健郡管理人のJason Osgatharpは猫が異常な行動を示した事から猫の検査を決定した。
The cat was submitted to the Georgia Public Health Laboratory and positive test results for rabies were received Tuesday [31 Dec 2013].

According to the persons bitten, the cat would show up at their home about once a month.

The rabid cat was black with a white chin, weighed about 10 pounds [4.5 kg], and appeared otherwise healthy. Those living in or near the 5700 block of Old Federal Road South should report any bites or scratches from stray cats which occurred within the past month, especially if the stray fits this description. Call the Murray County Environmental Health Office. The persons who were bitten will start post-rabies exposure treatment today [31 Dec 2013] or tomorrow [1 Jan 2014].
Old Federal Road South 5700ブロックに、またはその近くに住む方で、過去一ヶ月間以内に野良猫から咬まれたり引っ掻かれたりした場合、特に野良猫が上記の特徴に一致する場合は報告すべきである。Murray郡環境保健事務所まで電話のこと。咬まれた人は今日(2013年12月31日)または明日(2014年1月1日)から狂犬病曝露後治療を開始する予定である。

Five other cats at the residence, all of which are unvaccinated, will be euthanized.

For more information about rabies and its prevention, log onto the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website at
狂犬病とその予防についてのより詳細な情報はCDC website at

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Rabies is deadly. Report all bites and have them treated appropriately at a medical facility. While post exposure prophylaxis is possible in people, there is a only a short amount of time from the bite until the treatment must be administered to be effective. Sadly, people still die from this disease, in the USA. Neither of the 2 reports above mentions anything about a rabies drive in the community, or more public service announcements (PSA’s) to recommend vaccination of all companion animals. Yes, companion animals include horses and show animals as well. – Mod.TG]